Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Error

It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to list all of the gifts that I received for my birthday. I was focusing on what my husband did - since that was something that hasn't happened for years.

I also received a gift certificate to Sears from my aunt. This gift cracked me up, because every time I talked to the woman, both before and after the move, she would ask "Where's the closest Sears?" and I would reply "Well, there isn't one!" This conversation took place at least 10 times, and then my birthday card from her comes in the mailbox with a Sears gift certificate in it! She honestly just doesn't comprehend what it is like here - that there aren't outlet malls and big department stores. Luckily, I figured out that I can use the gift certificate online - now lets just hope the delivery service can find me when I place my order.

I ALSO got - and the coolest gift - and the most surprising gift...
From my best friend/partner-in-crime (I think y'all have figured out who she is by now)...
A picture book. It has pictures from the old farm in Ohio, and it has quotes (I noticed she made sure to include the quotes that I had previously pointed out to her that I loved). It also has a picture of me and partner-in-crime (I LOVE that picture) with the quote "A friend is one who knows us and loves us anyway" That is SO true - thank God she loves me anyway! She had to deal with me running next door to her house in my slippers (she was just on the other side of the yard) each time I was stressed and wanted to get away or vent. They always welcomed me in, even though I'm sure they got sick of 'hearing it' at times. The picture book brings tears to my eyes each and every time I look through it - and, trust me, I look through it daily! I'm going to wear it out, which would be very bad since it is so special.

In other news, we are supposed to go to a fish fry where there will be lots of volleyball later today. But, I don't really wanna go! Yes, I just said fish and volleyball in the same sentence - and yes, I said I don't wanna go. It's just going to be a whole bunch of people (relatives, I guess, in some way or another) that I don't know and I'll feel out of place. Hell, who am I kidding? I AM out of place here!

I received a letter in the mail yesterday - regarding the job that I really wanted - not one that everyone else thought I should want, but the one that I wanted. Anyway, it was just a temporary data entry job, but it was in the local courthouse - so I wanted the job so I could get my foot in the door at the courthouse and make an impression with my work ethic. WELL, I got a letter "Thank you for your application. The position has been filled. We'll keep your application on file for future reference." Yeah, g, thanks! Not even a freaking interview! I'm not trying to be full of myself here, but I was MORE than qualified for that job - yet, I didn't even get a damn interview - just a kiss-off letter. My husband thinks that they probably filled the job from the inside - with someone who works there's relative or some other Missourian - that's the way the courthouse jobs get filled here. So HOW am I supposed to find work here? I guess I may need to change my line of work and resort to being a waitress or cashier somewhere - I think those might be the only chances I have. My one sister-in-law who moved away from here, always complained that there were no opportunities here - and I never listened because I honestly never listen to this s-i-l. I've found that there are opportunities, just not for someone who wasn't born and raised here. My dad's girlfriend keeps saying "Well, that just must not have been the right job for you. Everything happens for a reason" I keep trying to convince myself of that - but for now, I'm still pouting.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Playin Catch-up

I haven't posted for a few days, so I've got to play catch-up. Not that I have many readers anxiously awaiting my next post ;-) LOL

My birthday was two days ago - After a bit of a 'stressful' day because my husband did something stupid and almost gave me a heart attack - and then later informed me and my step-son that we are not to tell anyone about it, because he doesn't want to hear about it... my husband then surprised me by picking up pizza and an ice cream cake and fibbing to me to get me over to my in-laws. My sister-in-law, her husband, and the three nieces were pulling in just as we got there, and we all had pizza and cake together for my birthday.

I bought myself a pro flickr account as my "happy birthday to me" gift. I figured it was a 'necessity', ya know. Moving to another state requires LOTS of photos, and friends and family will want to see those photos - so a pro account is a necessity - yeah, that's how I'm avoiding putting myself on a guilt trip about it.

My husband got me a hummingbird feeder and another bird feeder for my birthday. I'm very eager to get them set up and start taking photos of my birds! We have a lot of different kinds of birds here that we didn't have in Ohio, so it is fun seeing the new birds and taking their photos.

We are slowly but steadily working on the house. Now my husband is even expanding his project ideas to adding on to the house! I'm just trying to figure out how to add on to the income to pay for the expanding projects!!! We are waiting right now for a guy to come install some bedroom carpet for us - but he is running hours behind and all we can do is wait.

I babysat my youngest niece while the oldest niece had a softball game. The time was spent between watching Diego and then pausing Diego every fifteen minutes to go visit Mokey and the kittens. YN (youngest niece) would enter the barn saying "Helllllo Mokey" and then she would say "Goodnight Mokey, It's Diego time".

So, that is what has been going on in my life lately - not very exciting, but keeps me busy. I'm still applying for jobs and waiting and waiting and waiting for phone calls. Still waiting...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

This and That

I haven't posted for a couple days. This is mainly because my husband has been home and working on his projects.

Yesterday's project was tearing the roof off of our front porch/deck. Keep in mind that said roof is attached to our house. Yeah. I had to walk outside at one point and go in the opposite direction because I thought I was going to have a panic attack. It is rather disturbing to be inside your ONLY home and hear the walls creaking and cracking as someone uses heavy equipment to rip part of the house off - meanwhile assuring you the whole time that he will not leave a giant hole in the front of your house. Now I must be an honest wife and admit that he did in fact get the entire porch roof taken off without damaging any part of the house! I was very impressed and very relieved to be able to start breathing again.

So then, we all got cleaned up and went to 'nearest city' (CollegeTown). We went to get a stove. Well, we looked at stoves and dish washers. Then we went to look at kitchen cabinets - Have I mentioned that we have absolutely NO kitchen cupboards??? Not a one! So, this annoying guy sits down at his computer and goes through all this time of drawing up 'our kitchen plans' to give us a quote - what seemed like hours later - he gives us a quote that we can't possibly afford! I about fell out of the chair I was sitting in! Our kitched is like 10x10 - and we are not looking at any fancy cupboards - just your basic cupboards... but the quote was outrageous! So, that was wasted time. We go back over to get the stove - lady informs us that after this coming Thursday, we would get 10% off on all appliances, so maybe we would want to come back and get both the stove and dishwasher then. Upon hearing that we have no existing cupboards, a 10x10 kitchen, and no stove, Annoying Cupboard Guy informed us that he was "going to stop by the church on the way home to light some candles for us" - yeah thanks for that buddy! Then they started turning the lights off - so we just left - still don't have a stove.

Meanwhile - the place back home is not sold - more problems - problems that Superwoman Misty cannot resolve. Therefore, we can't expect any money for our previous home anytime soon - which means we are running out of money fast - Translation - I will be living in another half-way done home for quite a while longer. Is it just that some higher being doesn't want me to have the pleasure of hanging wallpaper or hanging pictures on the walls??? I mean - is that REALLY too much to ask? *sigh*

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My New View

Originally uploaded by MistyDawn
This is what I see in my backyard now!! This is the only redeeming thing about the move - my new view and the new quiet. All I hear are birds - not gravel trucks - it's wonderful!

Questions to Better my Blog

Ok - I'm resorting to asking for help...
I wanna make my blog bigger and better and cooler ;-)
How do I put a section along the side with links to other people's blogs that I regularly visit?
How do I put my flickr thingy on my blog?
I'll leave it at that ...
for now

For Jessie

Those are the kitties of the family...
The babies and Queen Mokey herself :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I MUST be dreaming!

Let me start this post with some background information to help you completely understand the irony here!

It has always been my dream to run a dog rescue. However, there is no profit in running a dog rescue - therefore, it is just a dream.

My partner-in-crime and I have already come up with a name for our joint rescue. We even had it all planned out how we would utilize the 'old' farm in Ohio and the buildings and land for our rescue. My partner-in-crime would handle the cat rescues, and I would be in charge of the dogs. It's a Be-A-U-Tiful dream!

Then, shortly before the big move - my dad and his girlfriend delivered little Miss Rotten Ornery Puppy (Maggie Mae - the photo at the top of my blog) to my doorstep. Obviously, we couldn't resist that beautiful face, and she needed a home - so she joined the family. After that, when my dad would call, I would answer the phone with "Misty's BC rescue" hehehe

SO - my aunt-in-law is out of town, and I am in charge of watering her flowers, getting her mail, and feeding her cats and Siberian Husky (Mandy). Yesterday - I go over to the aunt-in-law's to check on Mandy. She didn't come out to greet me, which was strange. When I called her, she came running out, threw her front paws in the air and dropped them to the ground at my feet. Then she stood there looking at me like "Come ON - I've got to show you something" She proceeded to run back into the building and start 'calling' me. So, I followed her, thinking that she must be out of food or water or something. She is in one side of an old barn, and on the wall, there is a hole that is partially boarded up, but you can see through to the other other side of the barn where there is a tractor. What did I see through the hole??? TWO - Yes TWO black and white faces and noses staring back at me!!! TWO Border Collies on the other side of the barn - just staring at me! Well - OF COURSE - I had to check them out! I think one is a female and the other is a male - I'm basing this on the shapes of their faces and noses. Oh the beauty!

SO - what is a self-proclaimed Border Collie addict supposed to do when she is faced with two beautiful Border Collies that just appeared out of nowhere - lying there staring at her - wet from the rain and obviously scared? Well, feed them of course!!! I mean, ummmm - Nope, I didn't feed them (This is what I sincerely proclaimed to my husband when I got home). Of course they have owners - somewhere! But who would not keep track of two beautiful pure bred's like that? I mean - come on!!!

When you are an addict - they say the first step is admitting you have a problem - well I've admitted that - NOW - if those two sweethearts are there today when I go back...

Oh gosh - my husband would FREAK if he came home to FIVE black and whites - when there were only three when he left this morning...

All I can say... EriMist Rescue at your service!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


This is how I'm feeling right now!

Feel like biting someone!!!

I get a phone call from my mother-in-law on Friday that the deal for our property may not go through. Sure, I can take care of everything in Ohio while I'm 750 miles away - no problem! Of course, my boss (the lawyer) is in Las Vegas, so I'm 'playing lawyer' and putting out fires - that's nothing that I'm not used to.

In between the umpteen phone calls back to Ohio to try to straighten things out with umpteen different people who are not communicating completely with each other - I then realize that we have almost gone over our cell phone minutes! Perfect - just perfect.

So, I take a break in putting out the fires to call the cell phone provider to up my minutes before we have to pay an outrageous amount for overages. The guy updates my cell phone plan, but then says "Gee, I'm sorry ma'am, but for some reason, I can't back date this. So, this won't take effect until your next billing cycle on June 24" JUNE 24?!?! Hello!!! We are now OVER our minutes, because people keep calling the cell phone about the stupid fires in Ohio that I'm trying to put out. Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm supposed to be at interviews WHILE I'm on the darn phone putting out fires!!! This superwoman can't seem to remember where she misplaced her super-powers!!!
After an extremely frustrating day on Friday, and finding out that I couldn't talk to some of the umpteen people until today anyway... I wake up this morning ready for battle again. First, I think - this cell phone crap is just that... crap! So, I call the cell phone provider again - and get this extremely friendly and helpful young lady. She informs me that she should be able to backdate my minutes so that we don't get any overages (we are now OVER by 133 minutes!!!). However, the computer system keeps giving her an error. SO, Miss Sweetheart says that she is going to credit my bill regardless if she can get past the stupid computer error or not! I sent her a virtual hug through the phone and told her that she is wonderful.

Now- back to the fires. I call the auditor's office. To get informed that - It doesn't matter if your mobile home is attached to an addition that is larger than your mobile home. It doesn't matter if that addition is in a cement foundation making it permanent! You still have skirting around the original mobile home that the addition is attached to, and you must remove the skirting, otherwise, we consider it still a mobile home because you could just remove the skirting and put the wheels on and move it. Suuuuuuure - move it with the attached, cement-foundationed, giant addition that is attached to it - what? dragging along behind? Whatever! So, I said fine - the skirting will be removed, and we will replace that with wood or cement, or whatever the h*ll you want! Then we will send you pictures. Miss Not-so-nice - replies "Well, MA'AM I have already told all of this to your prospective buyer!" I had to explain to Miss Not-so-nice that sometimes you really have to spell things out to this particular prospective buyer!

Scuse me - I guess I'm venting quite a bit!
I'll come back when I've relaxed a bit...

Friday, June 15, 2007

New at this

Per the suggestions of one of my best friends, who is also my partner-in-crime, here I sit, creating my very first blog and my very first blog post. I'm assuming that said partner-in-crime will be quick to send me a new template to use for my blog, as she knows me almost better than anyone else and will find one that fits me better.

I have just completed a 750 mile move. It was and still is completely hectic and frustrating. I miss my family back home, especially my dad and my aunt-in-law. The house (box) here is a complete shambles, due to my husband coming up with remodeling project after project. How many remodeling projects can you have for a 28' X 30' house??? I just want to unpack and be settled and feeling like I 'live' somewhere. For the moment, I feel kind of like I went on vacation and forgot to pack enough stuff, since I can't find anything.

I am a virtual assistant for my boss from the 'home state'. However, that doesn't bring in enough money a month, so I'm going through the whole application/interview process, which is lousy, especially since there isn't much around here to apply to. All of my in-laws want me to drive to the nearest city (if you can call it that) to work, but that is about 45 minutes away one way, and I don't enjoy driving in the winter to begin with, let alone that far! 
I don't have a stove yet - so my cooking involves me running between an electric skillet and our pop-up camper's little stove. I can't wait to have a stove and not have to carry pots and pans outside and back and forth!

This month will be the first time I have a birthday in the 'new state'. Not real sure how I feel about that. My dad rode with me on the long drive out here for the move, and he stayed here for a few days after. The day that my dad left was a very bad day - I couldn't stop the tears. Everytime I stopped, the tears would come back again. I want my daddy back!!!

Anyway - here I am rambling on and on, but I've been told that is what a blog is for, so I guess I'm ok. I will start posting many, many pictures (I love pictures) when I figure out how ;-) I think that there is some way to link to your flickr account, but I'm not sure how. That doesn't really matter anyway, because my flickr account is full, so I can't add my 'new state' photos to it, unless I can convince my husband that a pro flickr account really is a worthwhile expense. Yeah, wish me luck with that.

In the meantime - be patient with me while I figure out all the little blogging tricks. Once I get those figured out, my blog should be much more fun and interesting. For example, I want to post photos (LOTS of photos), I want to have book lists - favorite books, books to read, etc, I want to post some of my own writing, and on and on and on. I always do this - start something on the computer and become obsessed with it and with making it better! I imagine my partner-in-crime will help me with that obsession - she's great at feeding my computer obsessions ;-)

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