Monday, June 18, 2007


This is how I'm feeling right now!

Feel like biting someone!!!

I get a phone call from my mother-in-law on Friday that the deal for our property may not go through. Sure, I can take care of everything in Ohio while I'm 750 miles away - no problem! Of course, my boss (the lawyer) is in Las Vegas, so I'm 'playing lawyer' and putting out fires - that's nothing that I'm not used to.

In between the umpteen phone calls back to Ohio to try to straighten things out with umpteen different people who are not communicating completely with each other - I then realize that we have almost gone over our cell phone minutes! Perfect - just perfect.

So, I take a break in putting out the fires to call the cell phone provider to up my minutes before we have to pay an outrageous amount for overages. The guy updates my cell phone plan, but then says "Gee, I'm sorry ma'am, but for some reason, I can't back date this. So, this won't take effect until your next billing cycle on June 24" JUNE 24?!?! Hello!!! We are now OVER our minutes, because people keep calling the cell phone about the stupid fires in Ohio that I'm trying to put out. Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm supposed to be at interviews WHILE I'm on the darn phone putting out fires!!! This superwoman can't seem to remember where she misplaced her super-powers!!!
After an extremely frustrating day on Friday, and finding out that I couldn't talk to some of the umpteen people until today anyway... I wake up this morning ready for battle again. First, I think - this cell phone crap is just that... crap! So, I call the cell phone provider again - and get this extremely friendly and helpful young lady. She informs me that she should be able to backdate my minutes so that we don't get any overages (we are now OVER by 133 minutes!!!). However, the computer system keeps giving her an error. SO, Miss Sweetheart says that she is going to credit my bill regardless if she can get past the stupid computer error or not! I sent her a virtual hug through the phone and told her that she is wonderful.

Now- back to the fires. I call the auditor's office. To get informed that - It doesn't matter if your mobile home is attached to an addition that is larger than your mobile home. It doesn't matter if that addition is in a cement foundation making it permanent! You still have skirting around the original mobile home that the addition is attached to, and you must remove the skirting, otherwise, we consider it still a mobile home because you could just remove the skirting and put the wheels on and move it. Suuuuuuure - move it with the attached, cement-foundationed, giant addition that is attached to it - what? dragging along behind? Whatever! So, I said fine - the skirting will be removed, and we will replace that with wood or cement, or whatever the h*ll you want! Then we will send you pictures. Miss Not-so-nice - replies "Well, MA'AM I have already told all of this to your prospective buyer!" I had to explain to Miss Not-so-nice that sometimes you really have to spell things out to this particular prospective buyer!

Scuse me - I guess I'm venting quite a bit!
I'll come back when I've relaxed a bit...


Lawn Mower Queen

Tell them you quit and move home.

:-) We'll take you!

And who is the prospective buyer? Curious minds want to know! Miss you.

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