Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I MUST be dreaming!

Let me start this post with some background information to help you completely understand the irony here!

It has always been my dream to run a dog rescue. However, there is no profit in running a dog rescue - therefore, it is just a dream.

My partner-in-crime and I have already come up with a name for our joint rescue. We even had it all planned out how we would utilize the 'old' farm in Ohio and the buildings and land for our rescue. My partner-in-crime would handle the cat rescues, and I would be in charge of the dogs. It's a Be-A-U-Tiful dream!

Then, shortly before the big move - my dad and his girlfriend delivered little Miss Rotten Ornery Puppy (Maggie Mae - the photo at the top of my blog) to my doorstep. Obviously, we couldn't resist that beautiful face, and she needed a home - so she joined the family. After that, when my dad would call, I would answer the phone with "Misty's BC rescue" hehehe

SO - my aunt-in-law is out of town, and I am in charge of watering her flowers, getting her mail, and feeding her cats and Siberian Husky (Mandy). Yesterday - I go over to the aunt-in-law's to check on Mandy. She didn't come out to greet me, which was strange. When I called her, she came running out, threw her front paws in the air and dropped them to the ground at my feet. Then she stood there looking at me like "Come ON - I've got to show you something" She proceeded to run back into the building and start 'calling' me. So, I followed her, thinking that she must be out of food or water or something. She is in one side of an old barn, and on the wall, there is a hole that is partially boarded up, but you can see through to the other other side of the barn where there is a tractor. What did I see through the hole??? TWO - Yes TWO black and white faces and noses staring back at me!!! TWO Border Collies on the other side of the barn - just staring at me! Well - OF COURSE - I had to check them out! I think one is a female and the other is a male - I'm basing this on the shapes of their faces and noses. Oh the beauty!

SO - what is a self-proclaimed Border Collie addict supposed to do when she is faced with two beautiful Border Collies that just appeared out of nowhere - lying there staring at her - wet from the rain and obviously scared? Well, feed them of course!!! I mean, ummmm - Nope, I didn't feed them (This is what I sincerely proclaimed to my husband when I got home). Of course they have owners - somewhere! But who would not keep track of two beautiful pure bred's like that? I mean - come on!!!

When you are an addict - they say the first step is admitting you have a problem - well I've admitted that - NOW - if those two sweethearts are there today when I go back...

Oh gosh - my husband would FREAK if he came home to FIVE black and whites - when there were only three when he left this morning...

All I can say... EriMist Rescue at your service!!!


Lawn Mower Queen

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

And LMK thinks I'm nuts because I want to feed/befriend the kitties that walk on our porch during the winter. Who doesn't take care of their animals!?


Here for LMQ's blog (not that she knows me either), but I can so understand. I'm a cat person, through and through, and whenever I see a wandering one I just want to scoop it. Probably comes from living in a trailer park with a lot of stray cats around. That's how we got two of our indoor cats. We fed two or three more. If there wasn't a two animal limit in the apartment, I'd have another cat for Noelle so she could play.

Besides, you can always claim that you're looking for the owners, but you can't leave them out to get cold and wet for no reason. Plus, they gotta eat, and you can't find the owners if they're out traipsing through the world without identification. And wouldn't he feel terrible if they were caught by Animal Control, and put down after a couple weeks? Think of the poor animals.

What? That alway works for me with my godmom. ;)

Misty DawnS

I like your way of thinking Jessie! And, thank you so much for visiting my blog - I really appreciate it. It's nice to know that I'm not just talking to cyberspace!

I'll post pictures of my kitties in the next post ;-)


*polishes nails on shirt* Someone's gotta be devious, you know. Makes getting your way much easier. *grins* You're definitely not alone, I've enjoyed reading the entries. Hey, anyone that loves their animals this much? Gets a gold star in my book. Shows a person's true character.

Kitties! The one in my avatar is Ninja Kitty, aka Noelle. Little stinker.

I meant to say earlier that my stepdad's got a BC mix dog. I say this because the dog's got BC colors but floofier fur, like a Chow. Of course, T-Bone's also an outdoor only dog due to my mom's mandate of "No animals in the house." T-Bone's an untrained BC. You can imagine the havoc he causes.


If my hubby came home to an extra two wolfies he'd be delighted.

I on the other hand would check myself into a loony bin!

5 dogs really IS enough!


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