Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Error

It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to list all of the gifts that I received for my birthday. I was focusing on what my husband did - since that was something that hasn't happened for years.

I also received a gift certificate to Sears from my aunt. This gift cracked me up, because every time I talked to the woman, both before and after the move, she would ask "Where's the closest Sears?" and I would reply "Well, there isn't one!" This conversation took place at least 10 times, and then my birthday card from her comes in the mailbox with a Sears gift certificate in it! She honestly just doesn't comprehend what it is like here - that there aren't outlet malls and big department stores. Luckily, I figured out that I can use the gift certificate online - now lets just hope the delivery service can find me when I place my order.

I ALSO got - and the coolest gift - and the most surprising gift...
From my best friend/partner-in-crime (I think y'all have figured out who she is by now)...
A picture book. It has pictures from the old farm in Ohio, and it has quotes (I noticed she made sure to include the quotes that I had previously pointed out to her that I loved). It also has a picture of me and partner-in-crime (I LOVE that picture) with the quote "A friend is one who knows us and loves us anyway" That is SO true - thank God she loves me anyway! She had to deal with me running next door to her house in my slippers (she was just on the other side of the yard) each time I was stressed and wanted to get away or vent. They always welcomed me in, even though I'm sure they got sick of 'hearing it' at times. The picture book brings tears to my eyes each and every time I look through it - and, trust me, I look through it daily! I'm going to wear it out, which would be very bad since it is so special.

In other news, we are supposed to go to a fish fry where there will be lots of volleyball later today. But, I don't really wanna go! Yes, I just said fish and volleyball in the same sentence - and yes, I said I don't wanna go. It's just going to be a whole bunch of people (relatives, I guess, in some way or another) that I don't know and I'll feel out of place. Hell, who am I kidding? I AM out of place here!

I received a letter in the mail yesterday - regarding the job that I really wanted - not one that everyone else thought I should want, but the one that I wanted. Anyway, it was just a temporary data entry job, but it was in the local courthouse - so I wanted the job so I could get my foot in the door at the courthouse and make an impression with my work ethic. WELL, I got a letter "Thank you for your application. The position has been filled. We'll keep your application on file for future reference." Yeah, g, thanks! Not even a freaking interview! I'm not trying to be full of myself here, but I was MORE than qualified for that job - yet, I didn't even get a damn interview - just a kiss-off letter. My husband thinks that they probably filled the job from the inside - with someone who works there's relative or some other Missourian - that's the way the courthouse jobs get filled here. So HOW am I supposed to find work here? I guess I may need to change my line of work and resort to being a waitress or cashier somewhere - I think those might be the only chances I have. My one sister-in-law who moved away from here, always complained that there were no opportunities here - and I never listened because I honestly never listen to this s-i-l. I've found that there are opportunities, just not for someone who wasn't born and raised here. My dad's girlfriend keeps saying "Well, that just must not have been the right job for you. Everything happens for a reason" I keep trying to convince myself of that - but for now, I'm still pouting.



Aww! You did get some good gift. Well, at least with the picture book. Hey! You can use the Sears gift cert handy in case you need interview clothes or something. Of course, that requires a possibility, you know they gotta exist. In theory, anyway.

As for the courthouse thing, our county does the same thing. I applied to be a receptionist at Animal Control, because I'm really skilled with animals and it'd be a pretty consistent job. I got the same type letter. Same letter I got when I applied to work at the records department. Apparently, I'm not qualified, or something. Even though I've been doing a lot work for my stepdad's company since I was something like 15. I can pull records and file them. It's not that hard, people. I think they put the ads live, so they can say they tried, even though they go through their database of all ready employed applicants.

If you're in a small town, being a cashier might get you to know the locals. Meaning they'll see you on a daily basis and maybe you can work on building contacts. Of course, cashier jobs blow, but you know...choices are slim there. Then after, say six months, you'll have built up enough of a relationship that you can look for a better job, and people'll know your face to the name. Maybe.

Lawn Mower Queen

Sounds like you moved to Ohio and looked for a teaching job. Believe me, I know how you feel.

P.S. Don't you know it's allllll about me.

I guess if you can't find a job you'll just have to move home. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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