Friday, June 15, 2007

New at this

Per the suggestions of one of my best friends, who is also my partner-in-crime, here I sit, creating my very first blog and my very first blog post. I'm assuming that said partner-in-crime will be quick to send me a new template to use for my blog, as she knows me almost better than anyone else and will find one that fits me better.

I have just completed a 750 mile move. It was and still is completely hectic and frustrating. I miss my family back home, especially my dad and my aunt-in-law. The house (box) here is a complete shambles, due to my husband coming up with remodeling project after project. How many remodeling projects can you have for a 28' X 30' house??? I just want to unpack and be settled and feeling like I 'live' somewhere. For the moment, I feel kind of like I went on vacation and forgot to pack enough stuff, since I can't find anything.

I am a virtual assistant for my boss from the 'home state'. However, that doesn't bring in enough money a month, so I'm going through the whole application/interview process, which is lousy, especially since there isn't much around here to apply to. All of my in-laws want me to drive to the nearest city (if you can call it that) to work, but that is about 45 minutes away one way, and I don't enjoy driving in the winter to begin with, let alone that far! 
I don't have a stove yet - so my cooking involves me running between an electric skillet and our pop-up camper's little stove. I can't wait to have a stove and not have to carry pots and pans outside and back and forth!

This month will be the first time I have a birthday in the 'new state'. Not real sure how I feel about that. My dad rode with me on the long drive out here for the move, and he stayed here for a few days after. The day that my dad left was a very bad day - I couldn't stop the tears. Everytime I stopped, the tears would come back again. I want my daddy back!!!

Anyway - here I am rambling on and on, but I've been told that is what a blog is for, so I guess I'm ok. I will start posting many, many pictures (I love pictures) when I figure out how ;-) I think that there is some way to link to your flickr account, but I'm not sure how. That doesn't really matter anyway, because my flickr account is full, so I can't add my 'new state' photos to it, unless I can convince my husband that a pro flickr account really is a worthwhile expense. Yeah, wish me luck with that.

In the meantime - be patient with me while I figure out all the little blogging tricks. Once I get those figured out, my blog should be much more fun and interesting. For example, I want to post photos (LOTS of photos), I want to have book lists - favorite books, books to read, etc, I want to post some of my own writing, and on and on and on. I always do this - start something on the computer and become obsessed with it and with making it better! I imagine my partner-in-crime will help me with that obsession - she's great at feeding my computer obsessions ;-)


Lawn Mower Queen

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You're here! It makes you not seem as far away. If that makes sense. We all miss you.

Honestly, I love your banner. Maggie is adorable. Oh, and I love the title of your blog. It's funny cuz it's true. If you want a spiffier template, I'll do some searching. I seem to remember a chocolate one somewhere.

As for the husband, shall I tell him off? I guess it's good that he's doing this stuff now so you don't have to move everything once it's unpacked.

The job? You know where I stand with that and with the in-laws. They can run their own lives but NOT your's. You moved, they can give a little too.

So glad you're here.

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