Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Questions to Better my Blog

Ok - I'm resorting to asking for help...
I wanna make my blog bigger and better and cooler ;-)
How do I put a section along the side with links to other people's blogs that I regularly visit?
How do I put my flickr thingy on my blog?
I'll leave it at that ...
for now



*grins* You've figured it out. Quicker than me, too. I just snatched a premade layout.

Misty DawnS

Nah - I didn't figure it out on my own - I've got the best teacher/walker-througher (and bestest bud) there is: LMQ! She's the best.

She's also an enabler - she's the one who introduced me to flickr and now she's introduced me to blogging! I told her that it will be her fault when I get nothing done around the house!


*laugh* Still better than me. I have no idea the HTML set up on the blogs. Heck, I barely know webpage coding. I usually use Livejournal, so Blogger's a whole nother ball of wax.

Flickr's awesome. Tarina, one of the people on my list at the blog, is a flight attendant, so she's got a ton of pics from her travels. Plus, some really hot military men from her military flights. I'm shallow like a puddle.

And it's never your fault. You always deflect the blame onto someone else. *nods* Keeps your record that way.

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