Saturday, June 23, 2007

This and That

I haven't posted for a couple days. This is mainly because my husband has been home and working on his projects.

Yesterday's project was tearing the roof off of our front porch/deck. Keep in mind that said roof is attached to our house. Yeah. I had to walk outside at one point and go in the opposite direction because I thought I was going to have a panic attack. It is rather disturbing to be inside your ONLY home and hear the walls creaking and cracking as someone uses heavy equipment to rip part of the house off - meanwhile assuring you the whole time that he will not leave a giant hole in the front of your house. Now I must be an honest wife and admit that he did in fact get the entire porch roof taken off without damaging any part of the house! I was very impressed and very relieved to be able to start breathing again.

So then, we all got cleaned up and went to 'nearest city' (CollegeTown). We went to get a stove. Well, we looked at stoves and dish washers. Then we went to look at kitchen cabinets - Have I mentioned that we have absolutely NO kitchen cupboards??? Not a one! So, this annoying guy sits down at his computer and goes through all this time of drawing up 'our kitchen plans' to give us a quote - what seemed like hours later - he gives us a quote that we can't possibly afford! I about fell out of the chair I was sitting in! Our kitched is like 10x10 - and we are not looking at any fancy cupboards - just your basic cupboards... but the quote was outrageous! So, that was wasted time. We go back over to get the stove - lady informs us that after this coming Thursday, we would get 10% off on all appliances, so maybe we would want to come back and get both the stove and dishwasher then. Upon hearing that we have no existing cupboards, a 10x10 kitchen, and no stove, Annoying Cupboard Guy informed us that he was "going to stop by the church on the way home to light some candles for us" - yeah thanks for that buddy! Then they started turning the lights off - so we just left - still don't have a stove.

Meanwhile - the place back home is not sold - more problems - problems that Superwoman Misty cannot resolve. Therefore, we can't expect any money for our previous home anytime soon - which means we are running out of money fast - Translation - I will be living in another half-way done home for quite a while longer. Is it just that some higher being doesn't want me to have the pleasure of hanging wallpaper or hanging pictures on the walls??? I mean - is that REALLY too much to ask? *sigh*



Granted, all my knowledge comes from house flippers on television, but maybe you could call a local one and see who they use? At least then you won't be flying completely in the dark about the area. They may know of a wholesaler or something where you can get appliances a little cheaper. Back-door methods usually rock. ;)

Good luck, pumpkin. *hands over a cookie*

Lawn Mower Queen

Eh hem.

I know something you don't know! I know something you don't know!

And it's reeeeeeeeeeeally good.


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