Tuesday, July 31, 2007

5 Best Nights Meme

This will be a tough one I think...
Skittles tagged me for this 5 best nights meme

Here are the rules: List the top 5 best nights of your life, with a little explanation about each. Then you must tag 4 other people.

These are in no particular order - just as they popped into my head
1. The night that my dad and his girlfriend brought Maggie Mae (the puppy) over. I am obsessed with and addicted to dogs, so this was a very special night. And, of course, any night that my dad visited was a highlight for me!

2. The night that my husband proposed to me. He took me to a horse racing track. I went to the restroom. After I came back, when I took a drink of my beer, there was something in the glass - it was the ring.

3. The first New Year's Eve that we spent with my cousin and his wife (one of my best friends of that time period). We had an absolute blast - just sat around playing Euchre all night, cursing at each other, and laughing so hard that our jaws hurt.

4. The night at the Grand Ol Opry when we saw Martina McBride. That was a true dream come true for me! Martina is my favorite and it was unbelievable to see her standing on that stage!

5. The night of the Bon Jovi concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We have seen them three times, but this was by far the best! We had an absolutely blast - I had no voice the next day from screaming and singing. Fun, beyond fun!!!

Ok - time to tag...
Twist & Skewer



;-) Thanks, Mist, I'll get thinking on this! xo


Thank girl! I was needing something to blog about! lol


Martina McBride is such a talented woman. It must have been great to see her in person.

Thanks for playing along. :)


What a fun tag meme!

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