Monday, July 2, 2007

Doin a Happy Dance

I got a stove!!! I finally got a stove! WoooooHooooo - no more trying to cook for three (which includes one extremely picky and unappreciative step-son) in an electric skillet! Got a stove! Doing a dance! Ok, so the stove is sitting on my front porch right now - BUT It IS there - I can see it! Husband had to go do some things for his mommy, so he will bring my stove inside and plug the beautiful thing in after he gets back. Gosh, I never thought I would be so excited to get an appliance!

On another note - my knees are now swollen and black N blue. Yes, I played volleyball - I played the normal type of volleyball that I am used to playing, which means that I sacrificed my body to get that ball over the net. When you are playing with a bunch of people who hardly every play, that requires you to sacrifice your body A LOT! Therefore, my right knee is twice the size it should be and it is screaming at me frequently - the left knee looks all purty with its pretty purple color, but it doesn't hurt as bad as the right. Is it possible that I am getting old??? Nah - can't be!


Lawn Mower Queen

Stove on the front porch? Hmmm. Sounds like one of those Jeff Foxworthy jokes. Do you have a stove on your front porch? You might be a redneck! And we all made fun of my mother when she had a washer and dryer on her front porch. :)

Misty DawnS

Ahhh but my dear friend - you should have been here when the fridge was on the porch - and the beloved Ohio neighbor who helped us move out here had to keep his beer in that said fridge which was on that said porch - hehehehe talk 'bout redneck!!!


Y'all? My stepdaddy has a fridge in the garage, where all his tools go to die, so he doesn't have to mess up the now not-so-new linoleum floor. It's much easier to support the alcoholic lifestyle, you know. *grins* And it's been there for at least as long as I've known him. It looks to be mid to late 80s in design. *grins*

The Owners

It does suck to get old. I played volleyball awhile back at a graduation party. I broke a nail, overextended my elbow, and my wrist and inner forearm were swollen and bruised for over a week. Now I know why the "old" people used to sit in lawnchairs on the sidelines and just watch. I don't know if the fun is worth the pain anymore.

32 must be my unlucky number cuz the grays are coming fast and furious too. Where did the time go?

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