Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If I had only known

We've spent the past few days trying to make our kitchen a kitchen. When we moved in here, all that occupied the kitchen was an old sink inside a metal cupboard. Yup - that's it! No cupboards, no shelves, no nothing! So - we had some old cupboards that my husband used to have hanging in his shop in Ohio. We decided that we would put them in temporarily, so that we would have a 'temporary kitchen' until we decided if we are going to add on or what. We've been working slowly - my husband has experienced chigger bites on 75 percent of his body, poison ivy all over his stomach, and the flu... so, he hasn't felt up to working too much. Yesterday, he was feeling good and we got almost all the cupboards put in and hung!!! It's awesome! Last night, he says to me "I'm on a roll now! When I make A LOT of progress, that gets me fired up to keep working!" GEESH - If I would have known that - I would have stayed up ALL night working to accomplish that LOT of progress and get my husband motivated!



....who takes the cabinets from a house but leaves the sink? I mean...huh? I mean, who are you going sell used cabinets to? Is there a black market for it? *blinks*

Too bad you're not around here. My mom's had cabinets in the dining room forever, from a house across the street. The other people were going to remodel, but sold the house instead. Nice, too. Light wood, standard doors.

Misty DawnS

From what I understand - there were NEVER any cabinets in here! This house was built before indoor plumbing, and when indoor plumbing came about, there was an addition put on the house to add a bathroom. The whole house totals about 28' x 32'. It was just never-ever modernized... so we've got our work (and finances) cut out for us!


But, but. If someone lived there in the past 100 years, someone had to eat at home...once. Those metal cabinets, if they're the ones like my mom had in our trailer, aren't big enough to hold an entire pantry.

Y'all bought a doozy of a place. There's fixing up, and then there's "let's hit the 20th century, the 21st is just too newfangled." *shakes head*

And you have just one bathroom? And no one's died yet? Wow.


I would love to be able to move to a house and re-vamp it!! Sounds like your making steady progress.

Thanks for the well wishes for my birthday today :) You have a wonderful blog here.

Take Care,

Misty DawnS

tegbirb92 - Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'm so excited to have a few people visit - and I hope that my stories and ramblings are enough to keep you coming back! Thanks for the special gift you gave me on YOUR birthday ;-)

I'm enjoying working on our house and putting our touch on it. This is the first house that we have owned together that some previous girlfriend/wife hasn't already lived in - so I'm excited to make it my own. My only concern is the finances that are needed to keep up with my husband's many project ideas!

Again - thanks for the comment!


misty dawn--
well, thanks for coming back to my blog for a second visit :) My birthday was fabulous--we have five young children so chasing after them all day was pretty much my day because my husband works during the day) I got fat off of carrot cake and we have anothr birthday on Friday so I'm in cake overload :)

I love the new stove of your. I would love to have a flat top stove. I've heard nothing but great things about them (easy to clean, even heat, etc).

I'm adding you to my links so I can check out your progress :)

Take care,


Ouch, chigger bites, poison ivy, AND the flu. Not a fun combination. I feel for him.
No cabinets in the kitchen is quite odd, but good deal on all the progress! I hope it continues and you have the kitchen you want. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lawn Mower Queen

You know, your hubby is a glutton for punishment. I was just reading that this is the worst year for poison ivy in a long time. He needs to watch out since he catches it so easily.

I'm glad things are coming together.

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