Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Addictions (Long Post)

I got to pondering myself - yep, I was so darn bored that I had to analyze my own self ;-) Not all that very interesting, but I have noticed something... I tend to find something that I like, and I become addicted and/or obsessed with it. I'll prove my point with some examples -

Books - There is NO arguing that I am completely addicted to books. I think there is nothing more beautiful than an overfilled-to-the-brim bookshelf (or two or three or however many you can convince your husband that you need). I've discovered though, that if I find a book that I enjoy and it is by an author that I haven't read before - well, I get myself all obsessed, and I am immediately researching, eBaying, devouring every book by that author that I can find. I not only want to read each book by that author, but I convince myself that I NEED to OWN each book by that author now - because, after all, he/she is now one of my new favorite authors!

Computer stuff - OH MY - where do I begin?!?! ANYTHING computer=Mist is addicted! LOVE computers, LOVE computer software, LOVE the Internet as if it were a member of my family (sometimes, it's even better and more loving!). SOooooooo, when I took a FrontPage class - I became obsessed with websites and making them the most beautiful fun thing that I could possibly make. When LMQ finally convinced me to become a blogger - Well Hell - you see, I'm obsessed - I can't stop - I'm an addict - I have like 50 blogs bookmarked in my favorite places! OHHHHHH and Flickr - WELL, we can't even go there - there is no doubt that Flickr is just addictive as can possibly be! Not to mention eBay- not only is eBay addicting in itself - BUT you can find all the other things that are the objects of your addictions/obsessions on eBay - wooohooo.

Dogs - Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a dog addict (especially Border Collies). I am very passionate about dogs, and one of my dreams is to run a dog rescue. I have three Border Collies - AND I have dog calendars, dog key chains, dog figurines, dog stickers... Obsessed, I tell ya!

Photography and Writing - I LOVE photography and writing (two of my passions). I could do each or both all day long. I'm pretty obsessed.

Lists - OH, I'm a list maker... AND my lists have to be detailed and organized. I even make lists within my lists, little sub-lists, and I make lists of my lists. Oh yes, I have issues.

There are more... ummmmm, many more... but I'm starting to make myself a little concerned about myself ;-) Must stop pondering myself.



Wow! You surely have issues. LOL!
Kidding. It's interesting to see what other people are obsessed about. I am also curious to know what online course you are having.

Misty DawnS

There's no doubt I have issues. But, my step-daughter always says "My step-mom has issues, but that's why she's so much fun."

I am going to college online to receive an Associates Degree in Administrative Assistant/Business Software Specialist. Basically a business-type degree.

Lawn Mower Queen

My mil is always impressed at my soccer and Disney radar. I can walk into just about any store and go, "Ooo! Soccer! Ooo! Disney!" Half the time she never even noticed the stuff.


ok... let me just recap here. You have three nutty border collies and they keep you SANE???

You should try out a lurcher or two :-)

Snog from the dogs

Kerrio & co


Well...let's do this my way, too. Lists, or bullet points. Love bullets, but don't have the snazzy code handy.

1) Books. I have to go through my bookshelf about four-five times a year. Just to get rid of the ones I filed but meant to put in my Goodwill box. Usually give about 100-150 a year, most of them being Harlequin's but they're perfect for doctor visits and fits in the purse so nicely. And goodness, the Ebaying. I have about 150 SVH (up to the college years) books, some doubles from that. Reminds me. I need to sell the ones I had put up for that on Ebay. Along with a couple things, a camera I don't use. Books are awesome, though. Best distraction, ever.

2) Computers. Oh, god. I love my computer, too. It's like the gateway to the world! Like, where else can you read a 14-year-old's intelligent points and then a soldier in Iraq, and yet another person's views on Paris flashing the world. Diversity is awesome. I used to use Frontpage until I forgot the code for it when I got this computer. *sigh* One day I'll have it back. Reminds me, I need to update my websites. Oops.

Flickr! Oh many. I need to find my friend's pics on there. She takes some awesome ones. Here she is.

3) Dogs! Oh, goodness me. Dogs. I want one so much. Hence why I'm giddy over there. And I think everyone that loves pets wants to run a rescue. If I ever win Megaball's main money, I'll probably open a small one. For about 20 dogs, on a nice piece of land. Dream job. Get some trainers on staff. And I'd have an area for cats, too. Can't forget them. Contrary little things they are.

4) All I write is fanfic. Sadly. I don't have the ability to write original. I like filling in the holes that the creators left and never fixed.

Misty DawnS

Isn't it appropriate that I have the breed of dog that tends to have obsessive traits ;-) Like mother, like dog.


I read one book by Maeve Binchy (Tara Road) and loved it so much I went online and bought every other book she's written! We just might be long lost sisters, you and I.

I do things like that. I crocheted once for almost a year and I never want to again. I get on kicks where I love doing puzzles. Etc. etc. etc.!


Well, you're fine as long as you don't start herding things. ;)

Misty DawnS

Do you see what just happened to my blog when LMQ introduced me to blinkies??? I would say that I need help-but I don't want it-I like being how I am!

Skittles: THANK YOU for confessing that you too have issues and that we could be long lost sisters-I've been thinking that myself as I've read your blog! Puzzles-Oh, I love puzzles. I love brain teaser type puzzles too-Got hooked on Logic puzzles, and I now have like 35 magazines of logic puzzles that haven't even been marked in yet!

Oh yes-I find something I like-and that's all she wrote-I go completely overboard-but hey, it's fun!

Jessie, sounds like we've got things in common too! Hey-fanfic is creative writing-it takes just as much talent! Oh if I could start an animals rescue, I know exactly what would happen-I would become obsessed, just like everything else-I wouldn't turn an animal away-Can you see me out there with 50 dogs, 50 cats, throw in chickens and peacocks and ducks, how bout some sheep and cows.... well, I'm not a big goat or pig fan, but I'd try ;-)

LMQ: I know ALL 'bout you and disney and soccer-you forgot to mention cat items in that list! You are just as bad as me, and that's why you love me ;-) YOU are MY enabler-it is because of you that I have discovered SO many of these obsessions: websites, blogging, flickr, blinkies-Do you see a pattern here-YOU introduced me to all this stuff-All I can say is THANKS, You're the best! ;-)

Misty DawnS

Kerrio - yes, believe it or not - my dogs do keep me sane. Trust me - if you knew the humans that I deal with on a daily basis - you would understand why the dogs keep me sane! They are the lights of my life - they are crazy and nutty and more intelligent that any dogs should be and they are just the most wonderful things that I have ever, ever met - they are my world!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

You are eerily like me - I tend to obsess over things as well. And I LOVE dogs! I only have two, tho - two white miniature schnauzers. They are about all I can handle right now!


*laugh* Well, it's not my fault the women of Stargate get dookie for story lines. Someone's gotta fill in the blanks. Dang, man. I gotta write one for a contest, too. For a new fandom. Tomorrow, definitely tomorrow. And hey, I don't think you'd be like one rescue in downtown. They won't adopt any small dog to a woman of child-bearing years, because she could get pregnant and of course the dog would be displaced. No, seriously, and the rescue? Only deals with small dogs. I think you'd be better than that. You could at least know the people who you were adopting it out to. *grins* Mostly neighbors I suspect. So you could have the dogs come over and visit.

I always thought a big Victorian farmhouse with acres and acres of land would be awesome for it. Just outside the city, not too far, not too close. As much as I wanna move back into the city...I'd totally give that up to help rescue and save dogs from death.

*blinks* You at least have cool blinkies? I need to update my blog somehow.


Hmmm...we share many traits, namely books,obsessing, and photography. I'm not obsessed with dogs, but we did adopt a Belgian Malinois from a rescue shelter a few years ago. He is so gentle & great; however, 4 years later, there are still issues with him. :(


Ahhh the must own books obssession--I have had to break that one of late. It was hard but you know, once I started, I'm okay with it. I'm all about library cards now, and taking back my bookshelves, lol

Look at you, Mist, you're such a pro-blogger already! Yay! I think you need to do a giveaway soon....don't you?

Anyway, I'm doing part deux of my tag and I am tagging YOU YOU YOU, so get busy thinking. xo


Books, computers, I envy you two of your obsessions. I am allergic to dogs, so we have rabbits instead. Furry friends are wonderful. I wish I could have more. I aim to take a class in FrontPage some day. I keep thinking I want it to be sooner rather than later. Right now, husband and I depend on our "Front Page for Dummies" guide.


Oh I am so with you on the list making! And yes, my lists had sublists too! I have a friend who is completely freaked out with all my lists...she says it's overwhelming to her and she can't work on a project with me! lol!!

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