Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My First Tag :-) Well, not counting my dog

Stacey will now always be remembered by me as my friend who provided me with my first blogging tag! See Stacey, don't you feel super-duper-special now???
Here's the rules:

1) Each player must post these rules first.
2) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3) Tagged people post their eight things and these rules.
4) End your post by 'tagging' eight new people to play.
5) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog for these instructions.


1. I have extremely low self-esteem. The intelligent part of me acknowledges this bad trait and the fact that it probably stems from a childhood of wondering why my parents didn't want me around. However, it seems that the intelligent part of me doesn't have an influence on the rest of me because I just can't seem to get rid of this trait and get a better image of myself.

2. I was raised by my paternal grandparents and aunt from the age of 2. By definition of what a mother is, my grandmother and aunt are the ones who deserve that title.

3. I am a MAJOR tomboy. I prefer to be fishing, shooting guns, camping, and playing sports. I also am not the least bit ashamed to call myself a redneck, at least not by MY definition of what a redneck is. I am a daddy's girl and grew up wanting to do anything my daddy could do so I could spend as much time with him as possible - that resulted in my being a tomboy. Before we moved, my dad passed down a sewing machine to me that was a family heirloom. That night, my dad's girlfriend asked "When did Misty learn to fish?" My dad replied "Well, gosh, as soon as she could hold a pole. Probably about 3 years old" Girlfriend asked "When did she learn to shoot a gun?" My dad replied "Oh Well, that's a different story. That wasn't until she was at least 5 years old" Dad's girlfriend then says "Oh yeah, and WHEN is Misty learning to sew?" Dad replied "Oh, so what! So, she's 31 years old! She's got the important stuff learned already!" hehehe

4. My favorite actor is Tom Hanks. I didn't choose him as my favorite because I think he's hot. I think he is one of the most talented, versatile actors ever. I am amazed when watching his movies, because he creates a character that you end up thinking of as a real person. I mean - come on - are you telling me that Forrest Gump isn't real??? He's gotta be! Anyone who can go from acting in "Big" and then do "Forrest Gump" and "Green Mile" then "Saving Private Ryan" and then "The Terminal" - he can 'be' any character and I am in awe of the man and his talent.

5. I am not a good cook. Ok, I can follow a recipe just fine - in fact, if I'm going to cook, I HAVE to have a recipe. I am NOT one of those people who can just 'guess' at how much of something to put in a dish and make it come out wonderfully! By the time I was ready to learn how to cook, my grandmother had developed Alzheimer's Disease - so, I missed out on those lessons (see #2 above).

6. I create custom Italian Photo Charm items. I just started making them as a hobby, but they became much more popular than I expected.

7. I LOVE Dharma & Greg. My sister-in-law insists that Dharma is a "ditz", but I insist that she is absolutely wonderful! I even had calves named Dharma, Greg, Petey, and Jane :-)

8. I love Miracle Whip and Ranch Dressing (no, not together). It's really a thing with me. I put one or the another on pretty much everything. When I get french fries at a restaurant, I ask them to bring me a side of ranch dressing. I've been known to eat Miracle Whip sandwiches - yup, that's just bread and Miracle Whip. I know - I've got issues!

Now, I'm supposed to tag 8 people, but I don't really have enough blogging friends yet - so, I'll just tag a few:



If it makes you feel better, I didn't learn how to cook until I was...20-21. You're so not alone in that. Though, I could make cookies from scratch by the time I was senior in high school. Pretty much the only thing I could make, too.

Ever eat pizza crust with ranch? Found that in high school...yum! So good. It's awesome for a light night snack. Just so you know. Kinda like mashed potatoes and cafeteria nacho cheese. Hey, don't knock it until you try it. ;)

I answered on my blog. ;) Just about 4 hours later than I thought.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

What interesting things! We have a lot in common. I agree with you about Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump was SOOOOOO great!

I hate to cook, too. Hate it.

And Dharma and Greg totally crack me up!

I like to fish and stuff, too.

Now the Miracle Whip thing? Yuk. You're on your own with that one.


We have a lot in common...except the fishing thing. Fish kind of freak me out when they are flipping and flopping around! lol!! And about the mayo...ack! But then again, I eat sunshine sandwiches a lot...that's just bread and mustard...


You and I have NOTHING im common, but hey, I likes ya anyways!

I do like Dharma & Greg, although as my kids got older, I realized she was a bit more liberal than I wanted them to hear, lol. So....guess it got cancelled at about the right time. I know, I know, most of my friends in blogland seem to not bent my conservative way. xo


Oh, and go visit It's Cat's Life (my link on right)....I think you'll like her, she's very cool. Met her online this spring, she lives close so we became fast friends and now she is part of my church fam! xo


Ok, I'm NOT a tomboy, however, I do love Tom Hanks, not a good cook. love ranch dressing with fries, & thought Dharma & Greg was great the 1st season. Plus, looking over your favorite authors, we have a lot in common. I met John Grisham once. Totally cool experience. You'll read about it in my next Ten on Tuesday. ;)

Misty DawnS

OK - Now I am SERIOUSLY jealous!!! You MET, I mean actually MET John Grisham??? Are you kidding me? He is like one of my all-time idols! Oh, I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful and talented I think he is! Ok, now I am just so jealous! You are going to make me wait until Tuesday to hear about this??? That's not fair!


Hi Misty Dawn! Thank you so much for coming by! and Wow, why didn't I come here sooner! I think you and I are a lot alike!
I can relate to most of your 8 facts or habits!! And Hmm most of you blinkies I would love to have!!!! LOL

Your Girls are beautiful! I have fur girls also! Daisy and Zoey!

I will be back!


I kid you not. I met him at a book signing event for The Client when we lived in Memphis, Tn. I'll tell you a little now so you don't suffer. He was so sweet and nice. It was an early birthday present for me and I was the last book he signed. He told me I was the sweetest thing and wished me a Happy Birthday. That's the gist of it. :)


I adore Tom Hanks too!

I like your blinkies on the side. :)


^^'re such a brown noser, you know that? Pshh!

Glad you found the sign language fun, MD, I don't know where some of my off the wall ideas start but once I get one, I keep going! xoxo


What??? You didn't like tight jeans man? (giggle here) xo

Crazed Nitwit

Interesting things! You're catching on quickly in our blog world.

Your dog is beautiful.

(JEEZ. Did Stacey render you sightless with that horrific picture on her blog?) I ran away from the screen screaming, "MY EYES! MY EYES! I'm BLIND!!!!!!!!''


Hi! nice list,
I learned to cook well through lots of practice,
have a super weekend!


HAHA - we love to "dip" everything (well almost everything) we eat here too!

The Owners

I did the meme finally. Shocker huh? Took long enough.

I tagged you for a meme too.

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