Sunday, July 22, 2007


I've been getting so wrapped up in reading everyone else's blogs that I've neglected posting on my own blog!

I need to find more work - SOON! I have way too much time on my hands right now that I'm becoming totally lazy and finding too much time to worry about things and doubt myself. I have things that I want to make happen, but I doubt myself too much to get started and make those things happen.

For instance - I WISH, PRAY, and DREAM that I could find more work-at-home clients. However, on the internet, I'm just not sure which to trust and which are scams, so I end up not doing anything. I've called everywhere around here - went through all the lawyers, insurance offices, and veterinarian offices in the phone book - no one's hiring and no one is interested in virtual assistance. If I could get more work at home, it would just be ideal... I've already got my lawyer boss as a client, so I already have some VA work. I've got online college, the dogs, the farm, and an existing client - so being able to work from home full-time is the ultimate dream and goal. BUT - where do I start? Hell, I just don't know. I've found myself interested in the way some of you earn a little bit of money through blogging - but I don't know where to start there either, and I'm sure that I don't have enough traffic for that.

I started making flyers to hang at the banks, grocery stores, hardware store, etc, etc. I'm trying to decide whether I should include the virtual assistance work AND the customized photo items all on the same flyer - or should I keep them separate? Oh, I've got all sorts of ideas for more creative items that I could start making - but just like everything else - I'm not taking any action on them!

What the heck is wrong with me??? I'm in a rut! I've got ideas running through my head all day long, but I haven't taken any action - I just waste the day away.

If I don't start doing some of these things and proving that I can earn enough staying at home working as a VA and creating gift items - well then, I'll end up with a job at the 'college' and then it will be too late - Then everyone will be so thrilled with the benefits that we have to cover step-son" -that then trying to establish myself as a VA will be absolutely out of the question.

I know that I'm good at what I do... what is my problem???

Please forgive me for this rambling and nonsensical post - Must go have a pep-talk with myself now!



Hi Misty Dawn!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today :) Regarding your question about the flour used in the stromboli I made:

Bread flour is just flour with a little more protein in the mill so that the flour will produce a softer bread. You can usually find this next to the all purpose flout BUT all purpose flour is just as good to use all purpose flour for this recipe. Self rising flour contains leavening agents milled in with the flour (baking powder, salt) so this in not needed for this recipe. Yes, you can also omit the whole wheat flour and substitute white flour for the whole wheat.

I can't wait to hear how your turns out!! What a great blog you have here.



Girl, you and I are SO ALIKE!

Let me know if you find something, in the mean time I am gonna give my Silpada a chance. I have to get up and actually do it though. UGH. LOL

Take care!


hey! i'm going to cali this weekend and won't be back until is the website i was talking about where i made extra summer cash. Later! the website is here


Well, I'm about as useful a bucketful of nails in a tire while driving on a highway....but if your local area's not hiring, what about maybe asking them to ask around? They have the local relationships you don't. More far reaching.


I am praying for you. Go for YOUR dreams, don't settle until you have exhausted ALL options. If I could find a way to work from home, I'd so be there. Not that I don't enjoy what I do, it's just hard being a working family with kids.

You don't have to answer, but why do you have to cover your son-in-law with insurance? Does he work with your husband?


The job market sucks right now.. that's the problem. It's not YOU. I know all about self doubt though, so just hang in there.

About doing ads on your blog. There is no set amount of visitors required. All you have to do is follow the requirements for the post, like number of words or links, then leave it up for usually 30 days. It can even scroll off into archives.

I started with PayPerPost and have done fairly well with it. I've just started with PayU2Blog, and that one seems a little easier. You can find buttons for both on my sidebars. :)


Listen carefully to what God whispers into your ear...and follow His lead. He will never never lead you astray I promise.

As far as in-laws, while you def should respect the, don't let it hurt you so. Early on mine thought I should work and help out, so I got a pt job--then they thought I was working so much John was having to do more, so you know what that means....there are some people who are NEVER happy no matter what you do. So stop trying there. Please you, please your husband, please God.

List your ambitions and list what you're willing to do to get there. Then go! xoxo


will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. as for the 17 yr old. he should have a job by now huh? LOL (am working on my 17 yr old to get one. LOL)

Good luck!!!


Uh...Misty, the salad, pizza movie thing? That would be AMAZING--leaving out the salad of course. Unless it was a pepperoni salad with melted cheese or something, idk.

PS--standing by your man, being a dedicated wife,not a bad trait, so that's a GOOD thing. Seriously. Read Proverbs 31, it'll re-invigorate you, promise. xoxo

Betty Jo

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think this is my first visit to yours. I visit so many, I'm not sure. One thing I am sure of is that I've never seen that gorgeous puppy at the top! What an incredible photo and blog banner. I've been a graphic designer on line for over three years now. Presently I design digital scrapbook materials. I've just begun designing blog banners. Did you create your own? Perhaps you could sell to others. Your pet photos are awesome too, maybe you could sell them at one of the many on-line stock photo sites. If I have any other ideas for making money online I'll pass them along. xoxo


Misty! Stacey and I will Travel! LOL We are already trying to get a trip south to Springfield going to see the Caves with Girl Gone Wild. What part of Mo. are you in?

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