Friday, July 27, 2007

Photos and Update

Yes, you will probably have to put up with my posting photos from my daily walks on a regular basis now. I just can't help myself - I am enjoying the walks and the Misty-alone-photo-time so much that I can't resist posting some of the photos. Besides, my partner-in-crime who convinced me to start a blog said that I SHOULD post my photos and stories ;-) So, I'll blame it on her (hehehe you love me LMQ, don't you?!?).

The deer photo is from yesterday's walk. It was so hot here yesterday, that I waited until dusk to go for my walk. There was the buck!!! And then a truck drove by!!! Sure - only about 5 cars/trucks go down this road a day and of course one of them has to go by when I'm trying to get a photo of my favorite animal (besides dogs, of course)!!! So, I kept walking, and hoped that on my way back, he would be closer. Well, on my way back, he was still there, but FURTHER away and joined with THREE does!! DARNIT!!! My zoom was not strong enough to get a good photo - but I HAD to post at least one, since it IS my favorite animal (besides dogs) and all!

The other two photos are from today's walk. LOVE that green dragonfly - I told him "thank you" about a hundred times for letting me get his photo.

Went to town today - turned in an application at a tire company (the owner told an in-law that I should apply - so like a good little girl, I did - whatever); changed my driver's license to the new state (hate the picture, but that's the way it's supposed to be, right?); got my vehicle 'safety inspected' (gotta do that here so you can transfer your plates to this state); and posted some business cards for virtual assistance on some bulletin boards (PLEASE GOD, let somebody call!). I also made a phone call about another job and sent out a cover letter/resume to yet another job - but, but, but - this isn't really what I want - it's just what's expected of me. My husband doesn't think the virtual assistance will work out. Last night, my daddy called (I MISS HIM SO MUCH) - talking to him always makes me feel better.

I just finished talking to Aunt on the instant messenger. She is all paranoid about me going on my daily walks - as she says "There are crazies everywhere on the roads just looking for a victim" - Riiiiiiight - as I said, about 5 cars/trucks go down this road a day and they are ALL neighbors! She also had to tell me to make sure that I don't post my address to anyone on the internet - cuz, "there's crazies out there" ya know! DUH - does she think I'm an absolute idiot? Oh well, I know it's because she loves me, but pppppplease - I'm not THAT dumb!

Well, I'm rambling again (that's what blogging is for, right?!?!) - Talk to y'all tomorrow!



*deadpan voice* No, blogs are meant to entertain everyone and their great-great-greataunt once removed. Duh!

Honestly, though. If makes you mad? It's only fair that he has to go play skunk control. As in, go hunt them down and count. At night. In the rain.

What? Payback should always be fun for the one exacting it. Hopefully, you'll get a job soon. Even if it's a little one. Something's better than nothing. *hugs* Just read a good book and ignore the Annoying One.

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

I absolutely love your photos. You got a knack. Sorry you're having job/hubby problems. I SO get that.


Love your photographs!
Thanks for dropping by my place and taking the time to comment. :)


Still thinking this is your job opp, Mist--photos! Your aunt's right....where do all the big city jailbreakers run to? Not to Lee's Summit--nope. They run to the middle of NOTHING because they're all survivalists (why is that?). So really you kinda moved yourself out into crime-orama-land. Hmmm.



I think it was a nice ramble! I wish I had someplace nice to walk!

My mom is paranoid about everything internet too! She thinks when I tell her I've put up family photos, that something awful will happen to them.

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