Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Stove!

Per the request of LMQ... I had to post photos of the stove!



You know, those are mighty fine stove pictures, not gonna lie. She's a beauty (it is a girl, right? boys cannot be so white and clean at the same time, but then neither can I, lol).

Where in Missouri are you living?? I'm in the Kansas City area! xo


Oh, I just read that on your profile, you live just beyond the cow! Oh man you must live down by my friend Gigi--she blogs over at Girl Gone Wild, and she lives down thar by that thar cow. Check out her site when you can if you haven't already, she's fun!

Misty DawnS

Of course it's a girl - I mean - it does the cooking and it's self cleaning - HAS to be a girl!!! Although, I'm a huge tomboy and would prefer to be dirty over clean anyday- but I'm a girl ;-)

I'm near Kirksville, MO... that's our closest 'city'. But where we are at is pretty much literally: turn left at the big cow, say hello to my horse buddy, turn right at the hand written road sign, and we're right thar between those there pastures! I'm just joking - between you and me - I like being in the middle of nowhere!!!

Lawn Mower Queen

Ooooooo, it's purdy. I want one of those flat top ones someday. Or a gas stove...those are nifty too.

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