Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Technology Addict JAIL!!!

Ok... I am a self-proclaimed technology addict. I LOVE my gadgets and spend much time scheming about what my next gadget should be and how I can be convincing enough about why I absolutely NEED it.

Being a virtual assistant also requires that I have a fully equipped office with all the gadgets and gizmos, bells and whistles.

WELL - I packed up my office, my work gadgets, and my personal gadgets... and arrived at what I now call home. My dad rode with me on the 750 mile trip... We threw his clothes and tools in the SUV, amongst my fax machine, digital camera, mp3 player, camcorder, laptop backpack (full of all sorts of laptop goodies), and a crate containing my Molly-Collie and my Puppy-doodles (both female border collies)... Ya see, I wouldn't allow my most prized possessions to be thrown into a livestock trailer to be moved here - how could I possibly expect my husband to pay these items the proper care and respect that they deserve??? NO WAY - they went in the SUV with me... that way, I could keep an eye on them.

So... now, here I am... with all my gadgets... and a house that is not only the size of a box, but also was built wayyyyyy back when... We have ONE, count em', ONE electrical outlet in each room! YES, that includes the kitchen (one outlet), the bedroom (one outlet), the bathroom (I'll repeat myself-one outlet)... AND THE OFFICE!!! I've got extension cords running like spider webs across my office floor. Yes, I have surge protector power strips, but just one isn't enough for all of my goodies. I started to list all the gadgets that I want plugged in, but I just deleted it all, because it really pointed out the cold hard fact that "Hello, my name is Misty Dawn, and I'm a technology addict."



Oh Misty Dawn, bless your poor little heart--one outlet per room is NOT, I repeat, NOT do-able. Is it even legal? Because it shouldn't be! You seriously need to email me and tell me where in MO you live now--I'm dying to know! ~Stacey


Hang on just read that blog--Kirksville isn't far atall!


Coincidence time: I just realized, I was almost named Misty Morning. We'd have been a pair there. Clearly our moms were on the good stuff.

Also? One outlet? That's a scandal and a half. I use at least to in my room at all times. Man. *shakes head* You'll need an electrician, too.


ONE outlet PER room? I am so so sorry. That just doesn't do at all in this day and age.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Good heavens! Whatever will you DO?

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Hey! I absolutely LOVE the pics of your dogs!! I rescued a new born border collie 2 years ago (this month)and she is my joy! I never thought I'd love BC's (I'm a Springer Spaniel lover), but was I wrong!

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