Monday, July 9, 2007

The way it is

Over the weekend, we went with my husband's cousin and girlfriend to go fishing and camping overnight. We had a lot of fun. At 3:30 in the morning, they were in their tent sleeping and husband, step-son and I were very uncomfortably trying to sleep in our tent. All of a sudden, we hear this noise outside the tents. This mad/sick/psychotic/screeching/hissing type noise. I heard cousin's girlfriend say "What the f*** is that???" At the same time, I was looking at my husband saying "What the f*** is that???" Cousin sees something on the ground beyond his tent and says "It's a big ol' bobcat!!" At that time, cousin's dog starts barking and growling. Step-son says "Dad, open the screen of the tent so I can stick my head out and look!" Just as I was saying "NO, you are NOT sticking your head out there" (although lately I've felt like feeding him to a wild animal), we hear someone whisper "Shut up Wiggles" (Wiggles is the dog). Then we hear laughing! It's was Cousin's brother and buddy trying to freak us out. I still can't believe they trudged clear through the creek all the way to where we had set up camp to freak us out at 3:30 in the morning - they were, obviously, drunk!

Last night, my overprotective aunt (she and my grandparents raised me), was flipping out on me over the Instant Messenger. Wanting to know if I had put any thought into what we would have done if it had rained and the 'river' rose. I calmly explained to her that we were by a creek that half the time we had to push the boat through because it was so shallow and that there weren't any forecasts of rain anywhere near us. She continued with her overprotective fantasies about flash-floods. I finally just said "I'm sorry that I risked my life like that" and let it go! Sometimes you just have to accept people for how they are, I guess, and act appropriately.

I still haven't heard anything on a job yet! I've determined that I need to start heavily marketing myself to try to find a couple more virtual assistant clients. I am the virtual assistant for the lawyer that I worked for in Ohio, but I need a couple more clients in order to make virtual assistance my main line of work. So, I'll be pouring through the books and the websites to determine my best marketing strategies and going at it... Wish me luck!


Lawn Mower Queen

Craigslist. You can post all over the country.

And be nice to your aunt, she misses you. It's hard to be Aunt Cry Me a River from 12 hours away. :o)


One very funny post! Loved it. I read your comment to Bubba's Sis, you know, the Bon Jovi thing? And I knew you had to have a great blog just for that, lol! He's a mighty fine head of hair. ;-)


I'm sorry. The only camping I do is sleeping at a Holiday Inn, especially the construction zone, falling apart one in Myrtle Beach. *grins*

Misty DawnS

There ain't nothin wrong with Mr. Sambora in my opinion either ;-) I've seen them in concert three times. I swear that next time, I'm wearing my cowgirl hat, gonna win some contest to go on stage and then I'm gonna switch hats with Richie ;-)

Misty DawnS

LMQ - I've been exceptionally patient and understanding with Aunt Cry Me a River... but if the river rises, there will be a flash flood! LMAO

The Owners

OMG, that is hilarious about the prank your cousin's brother pulled. I'd laugh about it now, but I would have pissed my pants when it happened and hightailed it back home. I'm a terrible sissy.

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