Sunday, July 29, 2007


I went walking right at dusk in hopes that the buck would be there. He was!!!

AND - he brought all his buddies! It must have been 'Bucks' Night Out' - cuz there were four bucks.

So, I'm standing alongside the road, taking pictures of the deer and concentrating on that. I turn, with the camera still to my eye, and see these fuzzy things trudging down the road towards me. Keep in mind, I had a camera in front of my eye and the sun was shining directly at me - I couldn't make out what these things were coming directly at me! I went ahead and snapped a quick photo and then the family decided to turn and head into the ditch - that was when I finally saw what they were :-)



You are soo fortunate to live there, Mist! Amazing skills you have there, girl!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

What great pictures!!! The deer are beautiful - the raccoons, notsomuch. We have raccoons get in our attic sometimes. They are not my most favorite of creatures.


Oh my gosh! You see the neatest things! I just loved how that family(?) of raccoons were just sauntering down the road. And that buck is just gorgeous.


My mouth actually fell open when I got to the picture with all those deer! Very cool!


Great pics!


Hello again!

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