Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can You Feel The Love?

Wowwwweeeee! Skittles has given me a very special award. This award means a lot to me, because my blog is only two months old, and I had no idea what I was doing when it came to trying to create a blog that people would want to visit! That woman sure knows how to boost my confidence!
So, now I pass on this awesome award! It's SO hard to choose - there are so many blogs that I absolutely love! This is award is passed along to...
Twist & Skewer
Random Autumness
And Miles To Go Before We Sleep
A Place I Call Home
Girls Gone Wild (Bible Style)
Tales of the Lawn Mower Queen
Ok, I'm done... well, I'd like to add more... but I think I'd be banned from the blogging-award world!



It's so hard to believe you've only been blogging for two months? How can that be when I feel like we've known each other for forever?? :)

Smalltown RN

I hadn't realized you had only been blogging for 2 certainly got the grasp of it quickly....thank you so much for the award...I shall display it proudly....cheers and have a wonderful day....


Thank you very much!! This is quite an honor since you have a very special place in my bloggy heart. Thank you, I'm honored.



Oh, thank you! It's really nice to know that someone other than myself enjoys my blog. The challenge now is to pass it on to someone who hasn't already received it... Thanks again! :)


You're too good! Goes to prove Technorati is your friend if your week is crazy like mine has been! Thanks, Mist, and honestly, I love your blog as well. Especially filled with beautiful photos. xoxo

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Wow...I'm gone for a week and look what I get to come back to?!?! Thanks!!! I love the award!! As soon as I see straight from returning from Findlay, I'll post it up. (Dang, I gotta lot of blogs to catch up on!)

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