Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dad, The Wolf, & The Furby

In the last post, I told you about the garage sale. I also mentioned the Furbys (electronic little animals that talk and move their eyes).

Well, during the garage sale, my dad came to visit and brought his wolf (my boyfriend) with him. Matook (the wolf) LOVES stuffed animals, and he promptly started taking every stuffed animal out of the garage to a very specific spot in the yard - the specific spot meant that those stuffies were now Tooky's property and no one better touch em! Tooky only took one stuffed animal at a time out of the garage because when Dad let him out of the truck, he told him "You are only allowed ONE thing" - Yes, this is what my dad HAD to tell the wolf as they approached the garage sale!

So, the final day of the sale - my partner-in-crime had just got back to Ohio for a visit and I was overjoyed - PLUS, my dad, his girlfriend, and Tooky (the wolf) came to visit. SO, I had my best-bud, her mom (my aunt-one of my most favorite people in the whole world), my dad, his girlfriend, and Tooky ALL visiting me at the same time-ALL my favorites! Anyway-Tooky discovered that the Furbys talked! Now, this is like discovering GOLD for this wolf-dog. He promptly took the talking Furby out to the yard to claim it as his.

When my dad, girlfriend, and Matook were leaving, my partner-in-crime told me to send the Furby with Tooky cuz he loved it so much. So, I put it in the truck with Matook. Dad and his girlfriend went home and took Matook to his house (Matook took his Furby with him so NO ONE else would touch it!). Then, my dad and his girlfriend decided to go pick up a pizza and come back to my place (I was all by myself and they figured I was lonely and not eating regularly - between them and the aforesaid aunt, I am watched over very well to make sure I eat!). So, they came back to my house and visited until well after 11 p.m.

When they got back to their home (about midnight), my dad's girlfriend went running into the house and into the bathroom. So, my dad decided that he would just do the guy thing and walk down into the woods near Matook's house and 'take a pee'. Tooky comes out of his house and comes to tell Dad goodnight. So, Dad goes down into the woods, it's midnight, it's dark, Dad's tired... As he's standing there in the woods, in the middle of the night, taking a pee... all of a sudden he hears "ohhhhhhhh hi! I Luv You" Dad about freaked - he looked at Matook, who calmly turned and looked back at his house where he had carefully set his Furby right outside the door to his house - then he looked back at Dad as if to say "Yeah, that's my new toy - it talks a lot".

Dad tried unsuccessfully for weeks to get that da*n Furby so he could take the batteries out of it - but Matook wouldn't let him anywhere near it! ;-)



*gigglesnort* Oh, god. That's priceless. You had me at Tooky. And the Furby (Gizmo gone wrong!) love. *grins* Poor dad, scared outta his mind. I don't blame him. ;)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

OMG - that is TOO funny! It's a wonder he didn't pee all over himself!


Tooky sounds like a great pet!! As far as the furby, I would have totally been freaked out! hee!


Found you thru Skittles....I'm still laughing.....thanks!


That is funny.

I found you through Robin. Your pictures are outstanding. I cannot begin to figure out which one is my favorite because they are all real good.

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