Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Freaking Out For a Little While

OK everyone, I just finished taking the final test to become an Independent Contractor Legal Document Coder. This would mean that I could work solely from home - no driving for 35-40 minutes one way to get to work, no wear and tear on my precious, beloved vehicle, availability to create a convenient work schedule, etc, etc. Oh my gosh, I was SO nervous that I was shaking during the test (Well, in fact, I'm STILL shaking)! Now, I've got to be patient (yeah right!!) and wait for the results. I'm a worrier and a pessimist, So, I'm sitting here right now (still shaking) and I'm absolutely positive that I didn't complete the test well enough to be hired. That's just how I am - VERY low self-confidence! SO, if I don't pass, guess what - I have to inform everyone that I didn't pass, because my wonderful husband went and told everyone that "Misty is going to be a legal document coder". SOooooo, I would have to tell everyone that I failed - Did ya know that one of my biggest fears is failure?!?! Oh sh*t - I don't even know why I'm sitting here typing this post, to be honest - I guess I just need to write it down (and maybe get a little moral support too). But, now, I've put myself in the position that I'll have to tell ALL OF YOU that I failed too! I need to go continue to shake and worry now. Thanks for listening!



Wow, you are bringing me back to the days of college when I had to take those exams and was not sure how good I did!! Well, I'm going to use the old adage on you...You probably did better than you think you did!! (I know that doesn't help you much right now)

I am so excited for you!! Take some deep breaths and go do something fun this weekend to get your mind off of this. Easier said then done, I know--I've been known to resort to bribery to make waiting shorter :)

Have a great Friday and thanks for coming to visit earlier



Oh, sweetie. Just hit him upside the head with a frying pan. That'll knock the stupid right out. I'm sure you did good. *hugs*


I am sure you did just fine!! As for your hubby, don't pay him any mind! He has no clue about what that job or the test entails. I like the idea of the frying pan knocking the stupid right out of him! Hee!


That will be so nice when you find out you passed and can work from home like you've dreamed!

I have a special sticky post up!

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