Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Face Off Meme

Bridget at And Miles To Go Before We Sleep... tagged me for this meme. I can't believe she is crazy enough to wanna see a photo of me... but, 'ask and ye shall receive'.

Title: My Dogs Keep Me Sane

Name: Misty Dawn

Country: United States

Occupation: Virtual Assistant and (hopefully) Legal Document Coder

E-Mail: pcsbymisty@gmail.com

Birthday: June 26

Favorite color: Purple, Purple, and Purple (I like some shades of blue too)

Favorite drink: Code Red Mountain Dew, Beer, Aunt Judy's Punch (ya have to try it to understand - it's great!)

Favorite fruit: Raspberries

Favorite dessert: Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Pudding, Lemon Pie

Hobbies: Oh geesh - this could go on forever - the main ones: Photography, Writing, Reading, Fishing, Anything computer related (especially blogging!), Photo Crafts (Italian Photo Charms, Tote Bags, Mousepads, etc)

Here is my bunch of 'mystery men/women':
Jessie at Revenge of the Ninja Kitty
Robin at The Dreamtime
Smalltown RN at A Place I Call Home
Stine at Mother's Home!

Be sure to follow these simple rules: Post a short article and include your photograph (or more if you want to). If you already have a picture online somewhere, then get creative with a new one :) Next include the link to the others who have displayed their pictures, or even include their pictures in your post, adding a reference to it. So far, these are the brave ones :) ..."
* * I have to say thanks to Bridget for walking me through an easy way to copy and paste these links! THANKS Bridget!!! * *
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Wendy Piersall at eMoms at Home
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Randa Clay at Randa Clay Design
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Tara at Graphic Design Blog
Doris Chua at Home Office Women
Edward Mills at Evolving Times
Tony D. Clark at Success from the Nest
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And Miles To Go Before We Sleep...


Smalltown RN

Ok I will certainly try and do this...but I don't have any idea how to get all of those blogs linked to other than doing it individually and I just don't have the time nor the energy to do that...so if there is an easier way please let me know....cheers...


I'll do it too... Thanks!

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