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Heads or Tails Tuesday!

One of my favorite bloggers, Skittles has started a Tuesday meme. It's gonna be lots of fun-so you'll wanna join us right away! If you click on the Heads or Tails logo - it will take you to the post to tell you more about the meme.

This week's topic is 'beginnings'.

I have lots and lots of new beginnings going on it my life right now as a result of the big move to the new state, new house, everything is new and different!

B - Bought new furniture - this is the first time that my husband and I have ever had 'new' furniture from a store, rather than hand-me-downs

E - Ending-Sometimes for a new beginning to occur, there has to be an ending. This is the farm auction in the old state before we moved-it was a very, very sad day.100_0726

G - Gone Fishin'-We've got our own pond right in our backyard! One of my favorite things is fishing, so this is a great part of the new beginnings for me!DSC07898

I - Inlaws are everywhere out here! I think I'm somehow related to everyone I see out here! Windmill (No pictures of in-laws because I don't post photos of people unless I have permission)

N - New job-I am waiting to hear about a test that I took that would allow me to work from home.

N - Next Door-I miss my cousin/partner-in-crime who used to live next door-but, we both have moved to different states and are experiencing all kinds of 'beginnings'. Lucy

I - Isolation-We are in the middle of nowhere. Don't get me wrong here, I don't actually consider that a bad thing. I like my privacy and peace and quiet.

N - New Computer?? Ok-I'm not experiencing this beginning just yet-but I'm trying, really trying, to convince my husband that our seven year old desktop computer needs replaced by a new one, if I'm going to be using that to earn a living - He's not buying into my convincing yet!

G - Great Photos - If you have visited my blog before, then you already know that one of my favorite parts of living here is the photo opportunities! I'm also planning a new beginning with the photos because I am going to attempt to make some money with my photography. Pretty Guy

There ya have it-my Heads or Tails Tuesday Beginnings Meme!



Beautiful!! I knew the test result anticipation would find it's way into your post--LOL Wow, so you owned a farm before? I bet that is such a change for you now living where you are. Funny in-law comment :) Great post!!



What a cool way to do your post!

Last year me and hubby bought new right from the store furniture. It was a first for me!

Moving away from where you've been is always hard. :(

Your pc is 7 years old??? OMG! Give that man some sex and go buy a new one. LOL


A good post for this new meme. Yes, I am Mr.Skittles lol. Nice to meet you also.

Misty DawnS

Bridget - Yes, of course, the test result anticipation made it's way in... since that's about all I can think about-geesh, I'm stressing! Yes, we owned a farm, and we moved here to continue farming on more land-but we will not purchase any cattle here until spring-it feels so weird without any livestock around!

Skittles-LMAO-if only it were that easy!!! The man knows he can get his sex pretty much whenever he wants it (I'm 12 years younger, remember hehehe). Must figure out another way to convince him that I truly need a new computer!

Mr. Skittles-what a pleasant surprise to have you leave a comment on my blog! I'm truly honored to have a visit from the Mr. Skittles-Do you realize how much we love your wife and her blog? She truly is special, but, of course, you already know that!

Lawn Mower Queen

Duuuuuuuuude, you should see the Lulu. She's H-U-G-E. She's going on a Lucy diet, asap.


How's the photo stuff coming along? Did you have a chance to look into selling anything? I hope so....I really believe in your ability to do that. xoxo


I love the way you did this post. GREAT thinking. Happy New Meme to you


Very creative way to write your post.

Misty DawnS

LMQ - Quit pickin on my LuLu!!! She does not need to diet - there's just more of her to love this way! Gosh, always picking on my Lulu - she's not 'huge'... she's just got short legs... yeah, that's it! BTW-if anyone is wondering, LuLu is the beagle that I posted a picture of by the comment about my neighbors.

Stacey - I haven't made any moves on trying to sell any photos yet. But, I did check out the link you sent me, and bookmarked it - it looks promising! I am also going to enter some photos in the local fair here (September)... that is if I don't talk myself out of it - I'm such a big chicken! Thank you so much for your support and faith in me though!

Maggie and Twyla - thanks for stopping by! I truly enjoyed both of your Heads or Tails too! And, I wish both of you the best of luck!

Smalltown RN

So certainly are a lot of new beginning....I remember 2 years ago when I job, car...yup lots of new your choice and your pictures....mine is up...

The Gal Herself

What a great post! But the auction seemed so sad. Glad you balanced the old with the new.


Neat!! :)


What a cool way to do this theme! Loved it!

Nikki Neurotic

Best of luck with the new place. It seems like a very peaceful place to live.

Mom Knows Everything

What a neat way to do your "Beginnings" meme. I loved it!


Hi there....thanks for linking me!

Christie O.

what a clever way to write out your beginnings!! love it!


I like the way you used each letter to explain a beginning, well done. The n icest thing about this meme is all the new blogs I've discovered, including this one. x x x


What a wonderful take!
Have you seen our BC puppies?


Nice job. I love the photos.

The Curmudgeon

Thanks for visiting today. See, this is the wonder of the Blogosphere: Indians fans and White Sox fans can communicate in a civil way.

Of course, with the Sox' record this year, we don't have much choice, do we?


That is a very creative way for using 'beginnings'. I notice you live in the middle of nowhere. I do to. Also that you like James Patterson books, I have just been introduced to them and I enjoy them also.


This was such a neat way to do this meme - I love it! Your pictures are beautiful - I'm sure you will find success with them!!

Thank you for stopping by mine. Thank you also for your congratulatory wishes - so sweet!!


Amazing Heads or Tails Tuesday. I'm so jealous of your photo opportunities. I'd be in heaven if I had all the photo ops. I'm lucky if I get a butterfly every now and then.


Hi there--
I looked for your email but I could not find it so I'm going to answer your question here :)

Regarding the cut and paste of those names on the meme I tagged you for. There is a way. When you create a post, will see you have two tabs that are showing--"HTML" and "COMPOSE" You can highlight all of the names and "cut" and paste the text with the links BUT when you want to copy, make sure that you paste it in the compose screen on your "create a post" page and NOT your HTML page. If you try and paste it in the HTML section, it will ease your links.

I hope this helps-let me know if this doesn't make sense :)



How cool, I really like how you did this :) And I'm jealous you have a pond right in your backyard, I love fishing but never get to go!

BeccA's Buzz

This is one of the BEST heads or tails for 'beginnings' I've seen! I love how you broke it down by the letters. Some of my favorite things include: fishing, being out in no where, photography and even computers! So this was a great post for me to enjoy. Thanks for putting so much effort into it! I love how you put a picture with each answer, I've been guilty of that a few times, myself! Have a great day and congrats on your big move!


Happy (belated) HoT-Tuesday! Love your take on the theme, Misty. Good luck on your photography "new beginning"!


nice post and I loe your creativity in writting I enjoy it.
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