Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How Nice!!

Barb over at Skittles' Place has bestowed upon me this very beautiful award. I am very touched that she thought of me, especially since I've been hiding out and not posting much.

I get to forward this award on to some other bloggers that I believe deserve it... So, without wasting any more time...
Stacey at JameeForever - I think she has already received this award, but I'm giving it to her again anyway. Stacey was one of my first blogging friends when I entered the blogging world. She immediately started visiting my blog on a regular basis and reassured me that I would, in fact, have more visitors eventually. She is a very, very kind and considerate person.

LMQ at Tales of the Lawn Mower Queen - I'm sure that many of you have figured out that LMQ is one of my best friends. She was a bonus that I got when I said "I Do" to my husband ;-) At that time, she was an in-law, but she became so much more. She is now one of my best friends. She always supports me, encourages me, has time to listen to me even when she's busy, and makes me feel good about myself. She is one of the most generous people I know, and she never expects anything in return. Besides - this is the person responsible for introducing me to many of my addictions. She's my enabler! How could I NOT give this award to the person responsible for introducing me to blogging???

And Blogs From the Dogs - We are both blogging friends and flickr friends. I always receive wonderful comments on my blog and very considerate and nice comments on my photos! Besides - someone who is as addicted to dogs as I am!!! I love the dogs on this blog... therefore, I am awarding this award to each one of the dogs in addition to the 'blog dog owner' ;-)



Oh Mist! You give me more credit than I deserve, but I THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I happen to think you're a talented writer--funny when you wanna and poignant when you need to be. Keep it up, and please tell me you're selling your photos now! xoxo


Thankyou Misty Dawn that's very kind of you!

I can't quite get over how PINK that award is... ROFL!


Missed Heads or Tails this week (doh!). Did you catch our Dylan & Gracie Video earlier in the week. Worth a peek x x


Oh sure.. disappear, then blog away when I'm not looking LOL

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