Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Always Knew I Was Part Monster!

I did this just for fun, but started laughing out loud at the "who you like to torment" results, so I had to post it on here! First of all, I hate olives. Second, I don't really enjoy shopping (I know, I'm weird). But, hehehe, I've worked for lawyers for over ten years... they must like to be tormented LOL You have to admit though, I make a cute lil' monster ;-)

Your Monster Profile

Wild Demon

You Feast On: Olives

You Lurk Around In: Shopping Malls

You Especially Like to Torment: Lawyers



I'm not sure about this one:
Wicked Child
(Okay, I like it!)
You Feast On: Jack and Coke
(Um, I don't drink)
You Lurk Around In: Shopping Malls
(Only when I have $, which is rarely)
You Especially Like to Torment: Groupies
(If I weren't married, I'd be a Dave Matthews groupie, so ??)


Hi there, just stopping by your blog and I had to tell you that your dogs are SO adorable. I wish I could reach through the computer screen and pet them! :)


This was fun! I'll be posting my results soon. :)


I've given you an award :)


I tagged you with a new meme! Come by and get the rules and joing the fun! (I never thought spreading a "virus" would be fun)

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