Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Did It!

I took some tests that are required for an online legal coding position - passed the tests and was accepted to take one final test... if I pass that (you can bet I'll make sure I do) Then I'm a legal coder and can work as much as I want, as long as the work is available. I will also be able to say I am an experienced legal coder and apply with other companies that hire forlegal coding! My virtual assistant boss is thrilled - my dad was jumping for joy! Yay! I might need to find some more work, but for now, this is progress.

I'm also going to print some of my photos - frame them all pretty-like - and make a proposition to my husband's cousin who owns a furniture store locally. I'm going to ask if she will display my photos with her furniture set ups and see if any of them sell. They probably won't, but, hey, it's worth a shot - what have I got to lose???

Now, I've got to purchase a bigger monitor - somehow. A bigger monitor is going to be a MUST for this legal coding position!

Already had the discussion about this with the mother-in-law. She called this morning looking for my father-in-law (Pa-that's what I call him), seems he left and didn't tell her where he was going. I don't think she realizes that sometimes he just needs to get away - He's dealing with a lot of feelings because of moving and selling his farm! God, I love that man - he is so very special and he is so good to me!

So - I will leave you with some photos - as that is becoming part of my blogging routine, and I kind of enjoy it!


Lawn Mower Queen

Yay! Wait until I tell my mommy! She'll be so happy for you. Way to go!

As for your MIL, she's one to talk. Who just moved across how many states to be closer to their family and their "home"?

That's what I thought.

;o) We're so happy for you.


Way to go!! That is awesome. :) I'm proud of you for taking charge of your life and doing things to realize your dreams.

I LOVED that top picture the best.


Good job Mist! And.....have you thought of framing a few pieces and selling them on It's free to set up, you'll need your debit/credit card to start but it's pretty cool. Think about it--I think you're very very good. xo


Your pictures are beautiful...especially the dragonflies. :-)


wow, awesome photos!! Congratulations on your decision to become a legal coder!! Your pictures are beautiful and I really think the would sell really well!! I know it's not easy to take such wonderful shots--I've tried it and have failed many times!!



You take amazing pics, which you know, but more than can get more jobs and get the monkeys off you back. Or you could throw them off when riding one of those fake bull machines. ;)

Crazed Nitwit

I really like your pictures. They are awesome. I'm proud you talked to your hubby even if it did not have the desired effect. Losing it NEVER works. I've learned something in 20 years of marriage.

The comment by your MIL is similar to little aside comments I'd get from SIL. She doesn't have any kids but her friends do and they all work full time. Like I care???



Your pictures are might be surprised at how well they sell.

Check out ebay for the monitor. It might take some searching, but you should be able to find what you need for the right price!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

I LOVE your pictures! Your MIL? Notsomuch. Good for you for standing up for yourself and being proactive! I'm praying for you that all goes well!



Yeah right. Work, cook, shop, clean the loos, do the washing, do the paperwork, get the cars serviced, maintain the garden, take the trash out, walk and feed the dogs, remember the relative birthdays AND pick up the dirty socks.

It's a girl thing. Humph.

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