Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just A Poem

I realized that I have shared many of my photos with you. One of my passions, other than photography, is writing. Although, I have to admit, I have drifted away from my writing. I'm not quite sure why that has happened, but writing for me is not something that can be forced. I cannot just 'decide' that I'm gong to write more - I write when I am inspired or when I have the 'need' - I say the 'need' because writing is an outlet for me. Maybe that's it - I've been 'writing', just not with pen and paper.

Anyway, my blog seems to not be generating any interest lately. That's ok, I'm not complaining. I'll just take this time to post one of my poems.


After the rain,
comes the rainbow.
After the darkness,
comes the light.

After the thunder and lightning,
there are clear skies,
and dawn always follows
the night.

Now, after my tears,
there are smiles.
After my losses,
there are gains.

After my mistakes,
I have found some wisdom.
I have gained strength,
as a result of my pain.

I have discovered,
from life's trials and lessons,
that I am merely learning to live,
and living to learn.

The let downs are just to
give me strength
to survive
all of life's turns.

After the let downs,
there is joy.
After the worst,
there is the best.

I must remember,
when this world gets me down,
that life's little trials
just prepare me for the rest.

© Misty DawnS



Very very nice!

I like reading poetry that I can understand. My husband also writes poems and most of the time I have to ask him what it was about.

Smalltown RN

What a lovely is so appropriate for me middle daughter and I have been having "words" if you know what I mean....the water is calm now...but the turbulance in my gut remains...but tomorrow is another day with new beginnings....

Smalltown RN

Ok my meme is up....I hope i did it right.....cheers....


that is absolutely beautiful!! Wonderful work you do. Also, love the face off meme you did too :) Great picture!! Have a wonderful day.

Travis Cody

Thanks for dropping by my place today.

I liked the poem. Cheers!


What an inspiring poem and beautiful photos. I loved your Heads & Tails post...very clever :o)


I enjoyed your blog and the poetry too! We just had a litter of pups, black and white and part border collie - so cute!!


Wonderful photos and poem! What you describe is the yin and yang of life. Can't have happiness without sadness. Light without dark. Up without down. Hugs!


awesome writing and love the photos :)

keep it up... take care and happy Thursday!


Lovely poem!


What a lovely, moving poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! I look forward to reading more of your blog (enjoying it very much so far!). Take care :)


a lovely poem from someone who seems to be a lovely person. keep up the blogging, i'm sure that before long you'll be flooded with visitors.

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