Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Need Your HELP!!! PPPPPPPLease!

Ok everyone... my faithful, handful of readers... I need your help! I just found out that my dad and his girlfriend went and bought (and shipped) me some photo mats so that I could enter some photography in the local fair. Here's the deal! I'm horrible at making decisions... I HAVE to have the photos at the fair on Tuesday. So - I'm going to post several (ok, a TON) of photos that I am considering... I need y'all to vote on them. I can enter a total of 12 photos - so, feel free to vote on more than one! Will y'all help me?? Pppppppplease?!?!

Here's one of the problems - there are eight categories... but, only four categories that I'm interested in entering. I have 12 photos mats coming to me! So - I need to end up with 12 photos to enter. I can only enter 6 per category... so, I'll count the votes and apply them accordingly (in case I end up with 12 photos in the same category getting the most votes of all). Gosh, I'm so excited and nervous, I'm not even making sense! LOL This is a little-bitty-small-town-middle-of-nowhere-fair - so, it's not really a big deal... but, it is to me! I need an emotional boost right now.

I will list the categories and then post the photos - just go ahead and list the # of the photos that you vote for! If you do this for me - I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!



sure...I find it very easy to help make decisions in OTHER people's


Hey Misty...I particularly like the raccoon family and the horse's eye. By the way, what is the tunnel photo of?


Misty--I like the following:

In Architecture, the first one.
In Animlas, the 6th (cow), 8th (horses eye) and 17th one (racoon fam)

In Landscape, I like the 1st and the 3rd one (th etunnel)

Hope that helps.

Smalltown RN

here are my choices...

in the first group I like the windmill with the pink sky

The cow

the multi coloured sky...

Then the colourful insect between the two photos of the drangonflies....

But they are all wonderful....

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