Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photo Category - Animals (Domestic and Wildlife)

If you don't understand this post - please refer to this post for an explanation.

I'm going to list the categories that I am considering entering photos in, and then, I'll post some of the photos that I think would fit - hey, if y'all end up voting on 6 photos for two different categories, that's fine with me! - I can only enter 6 per category, and I only have 12 photo mats coming to me:
Architecture (Barns, Houses, etc.)

Animals (Domestic and Wildlife) - I'm assuming that this will include any insect-type photos, since they don't have a separate category for insects or nature. This stinks because I've got great photos of my dogs and 'animals' - yet, I've also got some of dragonflies and butterflies!!! Oh decisions, decisions - thank goodness for all of you!!! There will be A LOT in this category!!!

OH MY GOSH - There are many, many more that I could put in this category - but I've gone overboard here! As you can tell, nature (animals, insects, etc) are my favorite! LOL


Ok, I'vve just posted a whole bunch of photos and, if you want to, you can vote of your favorites (feel free to vote on more than one... or two... or 5... hehe) There are more - but I've got to go find them - I'll post more later and see how many votes they get... right now, I've got to go call my dad - it's that time - I call him every night ;-) I'm such a daddy's girl LOL



They are ALL beautiful, but I'm a sucker for barns and things, so I'll go with architecture. Although I love the ones of your dogs!

You have an award over at my place! :)


wow, absolutely stunning!! You've outdone yourself with these. Do you sell your photos? I LOVE the barn with the windmill and would love it hanging in my hallway!! Beautiful.



I'm groovin' on the family of raccoons! I've never seen one (alive) & 3 just walkin' down the street just grabbed me. :) Thanks for sharing!


my votes:

third one with the barn

third (beg with all the legs)
sixth (cow)

fourth (sunset with silver lining)
fifth (meadow)


I am sooo going to vote! But, it must wait until I have time to truly look at the pictures. I just got home from school. There are so many great ones.

The Owners

You need to look into copyrighting your photos. They are too good not to.

I need time to think. They are all so wonderful. So hard...


Architecture: 1 and 3
Animals: 3, 5, 8, 13, 18, and 20
Landscape: 2 and 3

I liked them all, but I picked the best ones in MY eyes.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

They are all so good - how ever will you pick???

I love the lamb and the barn with the windmill and the brown horse...


They are all amazing, I love the wildlife ones but the dogs have to win for me every time x


Hey MistyDawn - sorry - not dropped by for a few days...

(it might help if you put the numbers over the pics?)

architecture #3

animal - I like that cow pic! #6

landscape #4


oops - missed out floral - the second one of the cone flowers...

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