Friday, August 24, 2007

Skittle's Place - Party Time!

Whoooooo Hoooooo It's Skittle's Place's birthday! She has one of the best and most fun blogs ever! So, I couldn't let this go by without a post (even if I had to come out of hiding to do it)!

This is a virtual gift - therefore, since I'm giving the gift, I make the rules - and the rules are that since this is a virtual gift... it is virtually whatever Skittles could possibly wish for the most! See, virtual is cool like that ;-)




For ME???? Thank you!

*Opening the present*

Oh my! How did you know???

*Taking the gift out of the box*

I love it, I absolutely LOVE it!

*Shows everyone her new iPhone*

You really shouldn't have...! :)

Crazed Nitwit

Happy Monday to you,
Happy Monday to you.
Happy Mondayyyyyyyyyyy dear Misty Dawn,

Extra special Monday to youuuuuuu!

Hugs and positive thoughts just for you today.

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