Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spreading the Virus

I am LOOOOONG overdue at doing this meme that Rambling Shan tagged me with (my apologies!)...

Mother's Home! has started a new and innovative meme! "Remember passing 'round a piece of paper when you were a kid, and everyone had to add a sentence to make up a story? Well, we did that, anyway...Why not try that as a meme? I can't say that it's a new approach to viral linking, I don't know if it's been done before, but there should be plenty of Linky Love for everyone as the story grows and moves around the Blogosphere!"

1. Copy and paste the story below, and the rules, on your blog.
2. Find out who you're going to tag. (2-3 people, or more, if you wish)
3. Write one or two sentences to continue the story, and use the titles of the blogs you're tagging or any word(s) associated with them as keywords in the links you include in your part of the story.
4. Remember to tell your taggees that you've tagged them!
5. Feel free to use this and start your own viral link story.

I'd very much appreciate a link back to Mother's Home if you do. (Or a tag, if you prefer!)

Sounds like fun! Here's what we have so far...

Once upon a time, after the evil stepmom had put up a Barbed wire fence around everything, the Empress came and shouted: "I've come to give you A little piece of me mind!"

The evil stepmom, Shelby, came out to see what all the Rambling from this Crazy person was about.

I am adding...
The cranky, evil stepmom watched in horror as the insane person began to parade around singing "A Boy Named Sue."

It seemed like forever this insane person would sing and for miles he would parade, all the while twisting and dancing to the song.

So, I tag...
And Miles To Go Before We Sleep
Twist & Skewer

Have fun and be sure to tag others so this keeps moving!



This sounds like fun!! Thanks for the tag!! I will get to it really soon. BTW--I gave you an award at my blog too, the Blogging Star Award :)

Thanks bloggy friend.


Ooh yeah, I'm soo doing this today! (sorry I didn't get the tag until now-homeschool is kicking my behind!) xoxo


Hilarious! Nicely done.


Very good :)

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