Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things I Would Love to Hear on My Anniversary

Saturday is our wedding anniversary. Six Years - sometimes it seems like it can't possibly be that long, and, at other times, it seems likes it's been forever ;-)
So - here are thirteen things I would love to hear on Saturday - Remember, this is ALL wishful thinking!
1. Happy Anniversary - He's a man, sometimes he forgets... the worst was when he forgot all about my birthday the one year. I know that he knows Saturday is our anniversary, but it is quite possible that he will have so many things on his mind that he won't even realize that the day of the week is Saturday.

2. Here's the anniversary gift I got you! It's a new computer! (Hehehe yeah right)

3. I didn't feel right picking it out for you, so you just go ahead and pick out your own new computer. (Again, hehehe yeah right)

4. Here's the Canon Digital SLR Camera that I got for you! (Oh the dreams, the dreams)

5. Oh my gosh, is that your dad that just pulled in our driveway???

6. I figured that since we already have three, what would one more hurt? Here's your new puppy ;-) (Yes, truly addicted!)

7. I don't expect you to do anything ALL day, except read books and play around on your computer, and I won't ask that stupid question "What did you get done today?"

8. Your partner-in-crime called - She and her mom are coming to visit!

9. Wanna have a baby? (ohhhh gosh, can't believe I just typed that!!!)

10. I'm sorry that I and my family have nagged you so much about getting a job - I completely understand and realize that if you work from home that truly is a 'real' job.

11. We're going to a Bon Jovi concert, and their special guests are Sugarland and Martina McBride!

12. I've heard everything you said ALL day. (He has worked around loud equipment and tools his entire life - I've gotten in the habit of beginning to repeat myself before I even finish saying it the first time. The word most said in our home is "huh?")

13. I hired someone to finish remodeling the house, and you get to design the office and craft room exactly as you want it.

This is just a fun, wishful, thirteen - I truly do love my husband and am very thankful to be married to him. We have our moments, but every relationship does. He truly is a good man and we have a good marriage.

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Mom Knows Everything

My anniversary is on the 30th. Well, actually it's my husbands anniversary too. hehehe!


Oh happy anniversary, Misty! I'm crossing my fingers that you get one of those dreams fulfilled very very soon. And of course you love your husband, and I hope for many many more happy anniversaries in your future. xoxo


I hope ya'll have a very happy & special anniversary. And in the course of your marriage, maybe ALL those fun wishful thinkings will come true.
Enjoy each other Saturday! :)

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Very funny post, reminds me of how I sounded on my Christmas list :p

Happy Anniversary!


Even if you don't hear one of those things, I wish you a fantabulous anniversary. I think on my last one, all I got was: "I'm so tired!" We were looking for a, fun!


I just told my family yesterday I wanted a Border Collie!!!!! they all just want me to go back to work.


No TT for me today. I'm busy cleaning house..

Shhh! Don't tell anyone I was here.



I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

But with #1 - Uh, I can't say anything about that. Last year I'm the one who forgot. My fiance called me 4 times throughout the day to wish me a happy anniversary and I just kept cutting him off (I was busy reading a book at home and didn't want to be disturbed) until sometime around 7 that night when he yelled, "I JUST WANTED TO SAY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!"

Oops, my bad. :P


Tag! You're It! Come see the 7 P's over @ my place! :)

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Jean Bauhaus

My first anniversary is next month. I'm not letting him forget, but I'm trying really hard not to pile expectations on him, either. And also to be very straightforward about what expectations I do have.

Happy TT!


huh?? Doesn't that get so annoying! My husband just has selective hearing. We've been married 8 years.....

Nancy J. Bond

Happy Anniversary in advance! Yes, these would be excellent to hear...on any special occasion..or better yet, for no occasion at all. :)


Me too! Happy Anniversary! My 10th is on the 30th!


My anna. was last month. I would have killed to hear number 11. But I would totally be ok hearing number 12 instead. or oooo, in additon to number 11!

Last time my husband said ok to another cat, we ended up with three more. HAHA. Now we have seven. On kitty overload at our house. Now he wants a dog.


Happy TT, Thanks for stopping by!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us

These are all actually very cute! Happy Anniversary!!


Happy anniversary from an ex border collie Mum, now we have a black and white papillon who just looks like a little border lol.
Happy TT day too.

Denise Patrick

Happy Anniversary - I hope you get at least a few of the things on your list.

My TT is up - my summer travels.


Happy Anniversary - may at least SOME of your wishes come true!


Lots of anniversaries this week....I love your list. I love living in a time where a woman dreams of getting a new computer or digital camera instead of a big piece of rock. I hope you get all these things, including the pup.


Happy Anniversary from a fellow dog lover! I have 6 dogs now! 4 Pomeranians (Sampson, Teddy Bear, Sophie and Peaches), 1 Jack Russell Terrier (Zoey), 1 Chow Mix (Dusty). I've been married 16 years now! We have 2 daughters also. Dreaming is wonderful and I hope some of yours comes true. My dream is currently to be able to work from home. I'm sick of working a J.O.B. May all our dreams come true.


Okay, girl. Your Meme was my command. It's done. (Hope one of you anniversary wishes comes true....)

Smalltown RN

Well happy anniversary to you and your hubby on saturday...I will be thinking of you as I will be celebrating my Birthday!


27 comments? Woah! You're like a blog queen now, Mist!

I'll tell Cody happy birthday for ya, and yeah, we'll need to beat them off now that he will have his d/l. Girls his age want them to be able to drive, lol. xoxo


Happy anniversary! lol!
I would be happy to get a chocolate bar from my man and let alone any of the above! men are clueless creatures;)

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