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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Misty Dawn

Ok, this is my very first Thursday Thirteen - so be patient with me!!!
Thirteen of my favorite pastimes
1…. Playing with my dogs. I love dogs - Ok, you already knew that, but it's one of the main things that make me who I am, so I had to include it for any new readers (yeah right, like I got new readers hehehe, lol). My dream would be to run a dog rescue, but that's a dream for sure (there's no profit there, ya know).

2. Fishing. Love, love, love fishing.

3. Camping. Many women hate 'rouging it', but I'm a huge tomboy, and I love it!

4. Shooting guns. Yes, I am a 'girl', but as a child, I decided that I would be able to do anything my dad could do (other than pee standing up - still haven't perfected that one!). I learned how to shoot every guy my dad owned (trust me, he owns LOTS of guns - he's like Davey Crockett) - and I didn't only learn to shoot them, I learned to shoot them well enough that, as a young "girl"-child, I out
shot my dad's buddies (some of them didn't take too kindly to that). * * EDIT EDIT - this was supposed to be "every gun my dad owned", but it seems that y'all are having fun with it the way it is hehehe - ain't gonna haf no typoes in my blug ;-)

5. Reading - Reading - Reading. Did you know that I absolutely LOVE reading? I do. I'm addicted to books - I'm addicted to the 'book smell', the feel of it in your hands, the way that reading a book can take you out of your present life and into another for awhile.

6. Hanging out with my dad. Although he didn't raise me, and I didn't spend much time with him when I was growing up, I am truly my father's child. Many people have said that I'm a mini-female-version of him. About 5 years ago, we connected with each other and began developing a fabulous relationship.

7. The computer/internet - Oh yes, I'm addicted to the computer and internet too! Especially now that I have discovered blogging! Oh my, I'm truly addicted.

8. Photography. I've developed a very strong passion for photography. In fact, my passion for photography is quickly becoming just as strong as my passion for writing. I'm considering printing some (for framing, postcards, and greeting cards) and seeing if they will sell.

9. Writing. I'm a writer. That's the way I express myself best, through writing. I write poetry, short stories, and children's stories.

10. Hanging out/Talking with one of my best friends. I have two best friends. "B" and I have been best friends since the fourth grade. She is the one who knows absolutely everything about me - things that no one else knows (or will ever know, for that matter), and she has been through everything with me - all the ups and all the downs. Without her, I don't think that I could have survived some moments in my life. My other best friend/my partner-in-crime - She was a bonus that I got for marrying my husband ;-) She started out as an 'in-law', but soon became so much more - she is now one of my best friends. She always understands me, she always has time to listen, and she always has the most perfect thing to say in any situation. Oh yeah, and she's an enabler, hehehe, she's the one who has introduced me to so many things (especially on the internet) that are now obsessions/addictions.

11. Listening to Bon Jovi or Martina McBride. Those are my two ultimate music favorites. Sugarland, Little Big Town, and Nickelback are high up on my list too.

12. Watching a Tom Hanks movie. I love Tom Hanks - I think the man is the most talented actor ever. He truly creates his own character and makes you believe that character is real. He is versatile enough to act in comedies and then have an extremely serious/sad movie be his next movie. My goal is to eventually own every Tom Hanks movie (or a copy of it). Yes, when I like something, I become obsessed.

13. Rambling. Hehehehe - can ya tell I love to ramble?

Ok, I've completed my first Thursday Thirteen! How'd I do? Completed it a little late, because right in the middle of typing it last night, we had a thunderstorm and then had tornado warnings, so the computers got unplugged (couldn't let anything happen to my precious computers!)

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Great job on your first. We have a lot in common!


Hi Dawn,

Nice to meet you! And a happy TT to you! You had a great first one ;-)

Ours is up at:


Nancy Lindquist-Liedel

I love camping, too!!! and I'm all girly.

The Rock Chick

Misty Dawn,

You and I are two peas in a pod! Well, except for the camping. I'm totally not a camping kind of girl, but the rest....WOO HOO!!! I think I have posted about every single one of those things on my blog-especially Bon Jovi!

Welcome to TT! Great post!

Jessica The Rock Chick

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Misty Dawn! You crack me up! I loved your TT, but the best part was the line, "I learned how to shoot every guy my dad owned..."!!!

I'm SURE there were a few that deserved it!

(Yes, I know you meant gun, but 'guy' definitely works, eh?)


Your dogs are so cute!!! And your photos are wonderful. Way to go with the TT13 - I'm on my third one now ... it's fun!

Empress Bee (of the high sea)

"I learned how to shoot every guy my dad owned"

honey he didn't have many friends, did he? ha ha

smiles, bee


Terrific job!!!! You rock!

I like rustic camping, books, reading, country music, taking pictures which is different from photography, my computer, Tom Hanks and rambling!



I have surprise news on my blog!


Good list, but there's something so depressing about children being taught to use guns.


That's a good list---and I have to say, I LOVED your banner!

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