Sunday, September 16, 2007

An Apple A Day,,.

The puppy, Maggie May, chews on everything. Bugs, slugs, plastic bottles, sticks, dirt... you name it. The other day, she was running around the yard with something in her mouth and I could see these little legs sticking out the sides of her mouth. When I finally was able to see what she had - it was a little bitty baby snapping turtle! It wasn't alive - good thing, otherwise it would have taken a couple of chunks out of her tongue since she was carrying in around by its head.

So, today, she found an apple that my father-in-law had thrown in the yard. She was so proud of her discovery, and SO worried that Molly or Tag might steal it.



Awww! Precious.


Ha ha, how funny. I can't believe she was carring around a turtle. My dog loves it when apples fall from my moms trees. As soon as she hears it hit the ground she'll take off as fast as she can so she can grab it before anyone else does.

Great pictures by the way!


So funny, adorable and all that cool stuff dogs are!


I could let that darling little puppy face kiss me all day long! How lucky she is to have you! xoxo


Too cute! Our Lucy Loo can take a cap off a soda bottle in 8 seconds! She'll play with just about anything too.


I count on you for some of the stuff I'm to expect when Poor Hubby gets his puppy. Thanks for the "lessons"! :)

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