Monday, September 24, 2007

Ashop Commerce - Smorty Post

Some of you probably know that I have a website on which I sell my custom Italian Photo Charms. When I started making the charms to sell, it was a learning curve, because it was something that I had never before done. Little did I know that creating the charms would turn out to be the easy part. It was when I decided to have a website to sell the charms is when I got to the difficult part. My head was spinning with all the choices, all the technical terms, and how to make it all work. Thank goodness, I had my partner-in-crime to help me. She was familiar with all of this stuff, and I was not. Together, we got through it and created the website, complete with a handy shopping cart to make the customers have an easier time with their orders. I wish that someone would have told me about Ashop Commerce. They offer award winning shopping cart software. They even provide a demo store so that you can see exactly how to use their online store building software. This really would have made things easier for someone like me who had no clue what she was doing!

If you want to set up an online business, this company's ecommerce software makes it easy to get your own shopping cart


Mom Knows Everything

I did this one too! Just remember to put a regular non-paid post between paid posts. I made that mistake once and so they rejected my post. I sent you a gift on Facebook!

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