Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Envelope Please...

And the winner is...

My mother-in-law just called me, because she couldn't wait for me to find out. Yep - this photo took First Place in the Animals Category :-) (Had to enter it in that category, because there wasn't a macro, or a nature, or an insect, or other category that it would fit in - don't worry, me being the big-mouth that I am informed them that their categories were lacking... I also informed them that their entire cover of their fair book had the wrong dates... and I informed them that some of the photos entered were not in compliance with the rules... And... hehehe my daddy told me last night that I'm lucky they didn't just throw me out of there! hehe) I can't believe that I took first in the Animals Category. When I submitted the photos, I commented to my husband that the Animals Category was the toughest category. My husband pointed to a dry mounted photo of horses silhouetted in a sunset and said "Yep, too bad you have to compete against this, because it's surely going to win." Gosh I love it when my husband is wrong LOL (no, not really... Ok, yes I do hehehe)

Well, I'm not sure which is better: to take first place with one photo out of twelve; or if I would have placed many more times, but lesser places. I'll take the 1st place! I needed this emotionally - it has really made me proud. I can't wait to tell my dad and his girlfriend tonight!!! They will be SO happy.

Well - I just wanted to give you the results. I guess it isn't that spectacular considering that I entered 12 photos and only placed with one... but, since I saw the other photos in this category, I'm very proud that I took first place! Besides, the lady that was there overseeing things asked my m-i-l if she knew the girl who took those photos... My mother-in-law said "Yes, she's my daughter-in-law." The lady told my m-i-l "if her photos would have been dry mounted, she would have won many more ribbons. Her photos are amazing, but the matting covers up too much of the photo." So - that means just as much as winning more ribbons, in my opinion.

Thank you everyone for your support, your compliments, and your help choosing which photos to enter! You truly are some of my best friends!



Yippie! Good for you. This photo is wonderful and deserved first place.


Woot!!! That is awesome! Congrats on your first place victory. I really do love that picture.

Now that you have the 1st fair under your belt, you'll know better what to do for the next one (as in dry mounting) and I predict many more wins!

Good for you! That is great news. :)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! A first-prize well-deserved!


Well done, a very deserving photograph x x

The Owners

Congrats. That's wonderful. You must be thrilled. You've definitely got an eye for awesome/pretty scenes.


*thunderous applause* Yay you! First place is absolutely fantabulous! Congratulations! :)

Nikki Neurotic



well done! that shot was one of my faves and totally deserved first place.


Fabulous! I would be thrilled if I were you!

Crazed Nitwit

CONGRATS!!! OK so what is dry mounting?


YAY!!!!! *Throwing confetti and juggling kittens*

What wonderful news!!!! Do you know how many people probably won nothing???

I'm SO happy for you!


No surprises here. Nope...this is what you put your heart into and your talent is tremendous. Congratulations, Mist...keep on taking photos. xoxo

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