Monday, September 24, 2007


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Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE my precious Cleveland Indians. I mean, I truly love them. I am not one of those fair-weather fans, who only follows and cheers for a team when they are playing well. Oh no, I love my Indians even when they aren't winning.

Yesterday, in between all the work on the basement... I would run inside to the computer and hover over the speaker listening... waiting... WoooooHooooo Game Over! The INDIANS have taken the Central Division Title! WoooooHooooo

I proceed to run/skip/make a mad dash outside, where I promptly grab Molly-Collie's front paws and begin dancing around the yard with her, as I sing "We Are The Champions. Weeeee are the Champions" Finally, my husband says "Honey, please. We get it." Guess I was a little off key ;-) Oh well, it was kind of like when my partner-in-crime and her husband went to a game and received a free Jhonny Peralta bobble-head. They promptly brought it over to me. Partner-In-Crime-Hubby placed the precious bobble-head doll in my hands and I began jumping up and down and dancing in the yard exclaiming "I've got JaaaHonny! I've got JaaaHonny!" Now, he proudly adorns the top of my file cabinet (The bobble-head doll, not partner-in-crime hubby), in my office, where I spend most of my time - JaaaaHonny watches over me with his smiling, bobbling head.

Now, I think that I need this... I have to show my pride ya know!

You know what the greatest thing is? They will now be playing on national television! I will be able to WATCH them! I will see every swing of the bat... oh yes, I will definitely be throwing all the phones out in the front lawn - I will NOT be interrupted! I have been going through terrible withdrawals, and now I will be able to get my Tribe Fix!!! WhooooHooooo

We are the champions. Weeeeee are the champions. Oh, sorry (blush)



Woo Hoo COngrats, but calm down you're gonna wiggle that house off it's jacks, poles, stilts... YIKES!! LOL


You know, being from Atlanta, I just can't get into sports. Come on. Look at our teams. So I just nod along and pretend that we didn't have Ted Turner for a owner for freaking ever and now Arthur Blank. ;)


You're so funny. :)


When I saw that the Indians had clinched, I knew there was a party going on somewhere in Missouri.

Now for the Cubbies to clinched. 8v)

Travis Cody

Good luck in the post season!

Thanks for cruising by my place.



I know that feeling well when it happened to my beloved Astros. Enjoy it!! Next stop, World Series, right?! :D

And, yes, you DO need that shirt!

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