Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House Premiers Tonight - I'm SO Excited

Honest - this is not a paid post... this is just me professing my love for this television show! I have loved House from the very beginning. I have promoted it to everyone I know and usually receive the same responses after they watch it. "That show is so unrealistic. A doctor like that would never last in real hospital." blah blah blah... that's why it's "T V" people!!! Well, I heard this from my husband about House. Now, House is his second favorite television show (coming in after 24). My boss went on and on about how unrealistic and ridiculous the show was... I just grinned, nodded, and waited. Now, oh now, he declares Tuesday nights as the greatest tv night ever, because House (what he declares the greatest show ever) is on! hehehe.

Yes, I realize that it is unrealistic; I realize that no hospital would put up with a doctor treating patients like that... however, I love the show, I just can't help myself. His sarcasm and sense of humor just pulls me right in... So... you know where I'll be at 9/8c tonight :)

Oh yeah, by the way... I totally stole that graphic from Fox.com... so, there, I gave them credit.

Other shows I'm looking forward to besides House:
Private Practice (the spin off from Grey's Anatomy) - Premiers tomorrow on ABC
Grey's Anatomy - Premiers Thursday on ABC
American Idol - not until January or so
24 - not until January or so
Wildfire - probably not until close to January - not sure



We're also into House!! And Idol we hardly ever miss! I think you're right, we could be very good friends.
I can't wait for Thursday... Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, and ER! Not sure about Private Practice. It'll be a tough call for that show for us. Do you watch Lost?


You ARE nice, Mist. Congratulations, my friend--well deserved indeed. xoxo


I am looking forward to Private Practice & American Idol (Jan. can't come soon enough) too. And I can't wait for Grey's on Thursday. Several people I know love House, but I have never seen it.

Congrats on your award! Well deserved!


You know, I was most giddy about Bones tonight. Aie! My show. So my tv week :I have Bones (Tuesday); Private Practice (Wednesday - even if I've never seen Grey's); Smallville, and/or Supernatural, and Big Shots (Thursday); and Stargate Atlantis (Friday). That's my television week. And Dancing with the Stars on the days when I'm bored. That's it. Thursdays are gonna jampacked, I think. I never got into House. Wasn't my thing.

Lawn Mower Queen

Yaaaaaaay House! What did you think?

We're looking forward to Heroes (started Monday), Lost, and Jericho. But those won't start for a while. There's lots of stuff I like to watch but LMK isn't too fond of most of them. He just puts up with them for me. :)

P.S. Two words. Haloscan. :oD

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