Sunday, September 23, 2007

My House Is Shaking, Things Are Moving, I'm Going Outside!

When we moved in here, we knew that were going to be several things that we would have to do to this place. One of the first concerns is that two of the cement block walls in the basement had buckled and were caving in.

Well... that's what we've been working on this past week. My husband has been putting posts and jacks throughout the basement so that he could start removing the wall. I'm not ashamed to tell you that it's all making me nervous!

I sit upstairs and the floors, walls, everything starts shaking and moving. If I go to the basement, I realize that the house above me is being held up by posts, and I envision it all falling down... scary! I think I should go for a long... very long walk... this is making me very anxious and jumpy!


Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)



Um, I don't blame you. I'd be anxious and jumpy as well.


its probably just like a little big

Mom Knows Everything

we don't have a basement, but a few years ago the support beam in my bedroom needed to be replaced. They had to jack up the bedroom, replace the beam and the floor. We had to sleep in the living room for about a month. Luckily no one uses the living room, they all use the TV room, but it kinda sucked because I was 7 months pregnant at the time.


eek--bet you can't wait until that is fixed! At least it's solid on the ground and you won't be falling on any witches anytime soon :)


EEEK! I think I'd have to live in a tent in the yard until it's done. Hope you're not "up in the air" too long! oh and I tried to post on your rant the other day and for some reason it didn't show up... blogger hates my ISP sometimes. Anyway.... don't let those nay sayers get you down!!


That is when you demand the hubby spring for a motel, even a Cloud 6 or Red Roof Inn, so you don't die a horrible death while the house falls in around you. I mean, honestly. That can't be safe.

And you moved there why again?


I'd be nervous too! Psst.. wear a pair of glittery red shoes, just in case.


Okay, yeah, that's much more than what Poor Hubby & I have had to do! Wow, maybe a camping trip instead of a walk? :)

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