Monday, September 3, 2007

My Weekend

My weekend ... in a word... crazy!
It all started on Saturday. I heard the mailman pull up and beep... I thought, wooohooo the photo mats are here so I can enter my photos in the fair. I run out to the mailman - Oh, neat, it's the friendly mailman today (we have one who is not so friendly). Mr. Friendly-Mailman hands me a large package and drives away. As I'm walking on the porch, I look down at the package - well, it has my dad's return address, so, yes, it must be the mats. But, it says "Perishable" - Eh??? Why'd they put that on there? So, I come inside, tear open the package - that was a chore - Daddy used duct tape on it!!! I tear the paper off to reveal a plastic tupperware type container? Eh??? I open the container and instantly broke into tears. I have not 'homesick' sobbed like this since the day my husband drove away to take my Daddy back to Ohio and the day I had my little emotional breakdown a week or so ago.

Within the container there was:
A Harley Davidson shirt
A HUGE bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies (my favorite!)
A piece of bear fur (You'd have to know my dad to understand - I'll put it with the deer tail and ears)
A card with a photo of a wolf on it - signed with a muddy pawprint from my boyfriend-the-wolf (Dad's wolfdog) - also in the card was a note 'from' the wolfdog letting me know how very much he misses me... uh oh, the tears are coming again just from me typing this.
Several letters and notes - It seems that my dad started writing before I even moved - he started writing about his days and adventures with the wolf... in the notes, he explained that he was writing it all down so that we could make our book together. And, that he expected me to write down the adventures with my fur-kids too... 'scuse me, can't type very well, my eyes are filled with tears.
There were many things in that container that were just so "my dad and our relationship" - Oh, I cried and I cried - I want my daddy back!!! I want to hear a motorcycle pulling in the drive and go running out the door to give him a hug with my Molly-Collie (HIS girlfriend) following behind to get a hug from him. I want to call him up and tell him that it's going to be a nice day, so lets take the wolf and the fishing poles and go for a walk.
I think I should stop typing this - my heart is aching.

On to some other things... Dad's girlfriend is obviously concerned and worried that I am not going to get the photo mats in time to enter the photos in the fair. My heart was breaking because I know that she was doing this for me because she cares about me. So, I reassured her that even if I can't enter them in this fair, the mats will be put to good use for entering in another fair or even hanging them somewhere to try to sell them.

So, I decided to do some coding work. I'm in the house working, and I hear a vehicle and my dogs going nuts. UGH! Why, oh why can I not do any work without being interrupted??? So, I run outside to get the dogs calmed down. My husband's aunt has come to pick up her lawn mower that my husband fixed for her. So, we talk for awhile - and I run inside to try to wrap up the coding work I was doing. Next, I hear another vehicle and I hear kids. Ok, my sister-in-law and nieces must have brought the mother-in-law here. UGH - trying to hurry and wrap up my work so I can go be sociable (I hate being sociable).

Finally get the work done and go running out the door just in time to hear my sister-in-law in an anxious voice say "Ohhhh the puppy!" THEN, I hear my puppy - yes the beautiful precious one in my banner - start yelping. I freak - go flying around the side of the house to see my puppy running to me using only three legs and yelping! OMG - my baby (yes, I may sound a bit overboard - but these are my kids!!!) Seems that puppy was lying under the trailer with the lawn mower on it, minding her own business, and aunt-in-law started to drive away, and ran over Maggie's paw in the process!!! I frantically grabbed puppy and started checking to see where it was hurt. Strangely and thankfully, the puppy didn't mind that I was squeezing, poking, moving, pulling, or anything on her foot and her leg. So, I knew she wasn't badly hurt. Aunt-in-law did not even know what had happened and proceeded to pull out the drive and head down the road. I told s-i-l that aunt-in-law really didn't need to hear what happened because it was an accident and that it would really upset her to know that she hurt the puppy.

Then... I'm kneeling down by the puppy, just checking again to make sure she's ok... and my oldest niece comes over (She's eight). She's kneeling next to me and proclaims in a very disappointed voice "I just CAN'T BELIEVE that my aunt did that!" I told my niece that it was an accident and that the puppy was ok. My niece proceeds to inform me "Well, it may have been an accident, but EVERYBODY in the world knows that when it's a nice sunny day, you should check under shady spots because that's where dogs and puppies lay! I just CAN'T BELIEVE that she didn't know that!" I'm trying not to laugh. Meanwhile... my middle-niece is running between me and her mom asking "Is Maggie Ok? Is Maggie Ok? Aunt Misty does she need to go to the doctor? Is Maggie Ok?" AND the youngest niece is running around the yard proclaiming over and over again "Puppy HURT! Puppy HURT!" Yeah, like we are going to be able to hide from aunt-in-law that she ran over the puppy - I think she is going to be informed about it three times over!

Just to let you know - the puppy is fine and is using all four legs and paws now to madly run as fast as she can around the yard - she's fine.

That evening, we went with my husband's cousin and his girlfriend to a rodeo. First one I've ever been to, believe it or not. It was fun - but I was constantly concerned about the horses and the calves. That's just how I am.

After the rodeo, we walked to a bar and sat outside. Cousin's girlfriend had informed me that she was going to get drunk, and she was serious. I laughed so hard that my sides hurt - she was hilarious. I had previously told her the story about my step-daughter referring to her father as a "fun sucker" because he never shows any emotion (I'll tell the story some other time if I haven't told it already). Well, at one point, S is now rather drunk, and starts telling me that the guys are having no fun and they are just sitting there like bumps on a log. I agreed and S proceeds to turn and yell at them from across the table, the music had just happened to stop when she yells "Yeah Ya BIG Thumb Suckers!!" I laughed and laughed, as she turned to me all drunk and said "What?" hehehe We finally went home, after I half carried S to the vehicle because she chased a toad into a ditch and fell over and then got upset cuz she couldn't find the toad.

Well, I'm not even going to start typing about all of yesterday's adventures. This post has become long enough! Geesh - I wonder what today will bring!



You almost had me in tears right along with you! You have an amazing dad. No wonder you miss him so much!

I'm SO glad the puppy was ok!

I worry about animals at rodeos, too.

Nikki Neurotic

Wow, that is crazy. I'm glad you have such a good relationship with your dad, sad that you don't get to see him too often but care packages like that are fun.

Oh and I'm glad the puppy is okay. Scary situation there for a bit.


Whew. What a day! What a great prize from your dad. You lucky girl. :)

Glad Maggie is ok! That is scary.


What a weekend! I'm very jealous of your dad's package. Sounds like he's a real winner! :)

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