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Heads Or Tails *Pet(s) or Pet Peeves*

One of my favorite bloggers, Skittles has started a Tuesday meme. It is LOTS of fun-so you'll wanna join us right away! If you click on the Heads or Tails logo - it will take you to the post to tell you more about the meme.

This week's topic is Heads-Pet(s) or Tails-Pet Peeves. Yeah... right... like I would pass up an opportunity to go on and on about my pets (like I don't do that enough already).

SO - pets it is... of course! ;-)

Well, you all know that I have my dogs... the trio of Border Collies... the ones that my blog is named after, cuz, well, they keep me sane. They love me unconditionally; no matter what I say to them, it is the most brilliant thing they have ever heard; and I always look absolutely gorgeous in their eyes, no matter if I'm dressed up to go out or if I'm wearing a baggy t-shirt and sweats; Oh, and even if they saw me five minutes ago, well they run to me like they haven't seen me for years.

We have Tag:
Next to Daddy, the skid loader, and any other piece of equipment which has wheels... Well, Tag really does love me... he just doesn't want to ruin his reputation. And, trust me... he has quite the reputation. He's the one known as "that dog", and it isn't said in a friendly tone. He scares the living sh*t out of everyone. I rescued Tag from the local Animal Protective League. I don't think that he has or ever will forget his 'old not-so-good' life, and therefore, he is rather... ok, VERY protective of what he has now.

Then we have Molly.... a.k.a. Molly-Collie... a.k.a. Mo-Co... a.k.a. Mo (She'll pretty much answer to anything, especially if you have a ball in your hand)
She is my heart & soul... the love of my life (besides the husband, of course. OK, sometimes more than the husband, but she and I keep that as our secret). I rescued Molly in July of 2004. Tag had been rescued in May of 2004, and Tag made the choice that he was Daddy's dog through and through. Well, I pouted, stomped my feet, through a temper tantrum, whined, and complained. So, as a birthday present, my aunt paid towards the adoption fee for Molly. My aunt has already called my husband and told him that she was calling to apologize. When my husband asked her why, she replied "Because when something happens to that dog, your wife is going to be an absolute mess, and I'm the one who helped her get that dog, so I'm apologizing now." Yes, anyone who sees Molly and me together knows instantly that we can't live without each other. I love her more than words can express, and I truly feel that loved returned to me by her everyday.

And then... we have the puppy. Oh yes, the evil, rotten, spoiled, crazy, if-she-weren't-so-damn-cute-she-wouldn't-get-away-with-nearly-as-much puppy... Maggie May.
This is what she looked like when we couldn't resist the cute little ball of fur... little did we know... that it would turn into this...
A little gangly monster, who seems as if she will never grow into her giant ears. A little monster who must chew on everything from sticks to dirt, plastic bottles to paper towels, and the occasional cicada and baby snapping turtle thrown in for good measure. Ah yes, she is truly a puppy though and through. On a side note, Maggie a.k.a. Doodles (short for Puppy-Doodles) was also a rescue. A lady purchased her at 6 weeks, and by week 10, she couldn't handle the puppy anymore because when her 2 year old pulled on the puppy's tail or fur, well, the puppy turned around and pulled back. Ahhhh, never-mind, I'm not even going to start, because then this will truly be a Heads AND Tails post because we will start on one of my pet peeves. Anyway, I just found out that this same lady, just last week, went and picked up a new puppy... a Burmese Mountain Dog! Ahahahaha, so, I'm just waiting to see when I add a Burmie to my pack ;-)

Now, I was going to add the other dogs that I have had and loved, but I changed my mind, as I get really sad, and I don't want to do that.

So, on to the other pets.

We have Mokey and her kittens.
Mokey is... ummmm.... well... how do I say this nicely? Ok, Mokey is a tramp! The cat was born to reproduce. She had new 'friends' after we moved before I even had my address memorized. Oh well, I love her. She is the only cat that my husband has ever shown a true fondness for (she's lucky for that).

This is my favorite of her kittens... I call it Mini-Moke... hehe, cuz it looks just like its mama
And, we have The Gray Kitty (cuz I can't come up with a better name LOL)
And, last, but not least, we have Skitty (This kitten is named after a couple of different beings... it's named after Skittish, who was my partner-in-crime's favorite buddy from Mokey's last litter. Skittish was black too. And, it is named after Skittles, my newfound friend, blogging and otherwise. And, I like "Skitty" cuz it's got 'kitty' in it... hehehehe, clever, I know)

And there you have it! My pets. Just be glad that I didn't post all of my previous pets, or any of the 'special' sheep or calves ;-) And be VERY glad I didn't post about my pet peeves (that would be one heck of a ranting post!)



What a GREAT FurFamily!:)

Those kittens have completely stolen my heart! :)


You make me really miss having dogs and cats around.


you have beautiful family!! My kids would love to come over for a visit to see all of those beautiful pets. Mini-Mokie is ADORABLE!!


What a gorgeous collection of pets, especially the kittens!


I was right about it being Tag in that other post, I just couldn't remember the name.

I love all your dogs, but I think you knew that already. Besides when I look at them I can really see the Border Collie part in Sasha.

The kitties are adorable!!!!


Are you sure they keep you sane, should that not in-sane? . . lol What a handful but I can tell you love them all, flaws, paws & destruction.

It's great that they are all rescue dogs, good on ya x x x

Gracie wasn't a rescue dog but was the runt & because of Dylan's colour breeders & show people wouldn't want him so that's why we ell for him I suppose.


What a gang!
I strayed from pets today lol!


Mini-Moke wants to come home with me, though that is only in my heart, not reality.. The Gray Kitty, I like the name, The Gray, or Gray Lightning or Storm because his fur in that photo almost looks like he stuck his paw in a socket. Skitty looks like a bundle of energy. Your dogs are adorable. Pets are wonderful to me: for others, kind of like grandchildren to some people, play with them and love them and allow them to go back home to be cared for.

Jersey - The Furry Diva

WOW - such a cute furry family. I´m deeply impressed.


Tag is adorable despite his "reputation." It is one of my lifes goal's to have an entire litter of kittens - I love them so much!! :-) Happy H/T :p


oh nice so many pets, life must be fun.


All very sweet looking! What a wonderful family. :)


The dogs are cute, but that cat is BEAUTIFUL! If I lived close I'd be wanting that kitten that looks just like her!


This week's theme fit you to a T! I love seeing all your animals and learning about them. Also, I'm going to add you to "My Favorite Sites." I really enjoy your blog!


I love Mini-Moke. They become your farm cats? *grins* Mini would love fabulous in my house in a couple years. ;) But seriously, the cats are so cute! (Cats are my personal Kryptonite.) How does Tag take to the new whippersnapper? And if you get a gigantic dog, I'd advise investing (literally) in some dog soap stocks. Molly looks like one of the agility dogs my old boss had. I actually found that Borders? Didn't like me much. Very odd. I want an Aussie. Blue merle please.

Crazed Nitwit

You have lovely pets or should I say companions? I am violently allergic to cats which is just as well because kittens grow up to be cats. You must get lots of love when you get home from any trip.

Hugs my friend.

The Gal Herself

Your post displays the most amazing collection of gorgeous faces! There's something about Molly and Skitty that especially get to me, but they're all gorgeous!


You have a beautiful pet family. I adore cats, but now have a dog. You really sized dogs up in your first paragraph. They do love us unconditionally.

Mom Knows Everything

I'm glad somebody else has a lot of pets too, though not quite as many as me. I was beginning to worry that people thought I was a pet horder, but I just love animals and I can't seem to say "No" when one needs a home.


Both the dogs and kitties are very neat. Skittles will want a kitty after seeing this. She's been hinting or more like prodding for a kitty to go along with the other pets we have lol.

Nikki Neurotic

Molly is adorable. I can see why she's your favorite. :)


I wouldn't have guessed that you were an animal lover too - ha - the name of your blog gives it away! I love the pictures - your pets are so CUTE! Great post!


Love them! Molly? Unbelievably beautiful. You can see the love all over her. Those kittens are a hoot! Thank you for such a nice post.


I am loving those pets!

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