Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday 8

I was at Skittles Place and she had been at The Daily Meme and found a meme called Saturday 8. So, I decided to do it too.

When was the last time...

  1. A restaurant was out of the food you wanted? About three years ago - for my birthday, I wanted my husband to take me to a restaurant where I got a munchie sampler... you could choose what you wanted on the sampler and I always got fried clam strips, mozzarella sticks, and popcorn shrimp. It was the only restaurant around that offered fried clam strips. UNTIL that birthday! I made my order and was informed that they were no longer offering fried clam strips on the menu. I was SO disappointed, I had really psyched myself up and looked forward to this!
  2. You were dumped/divorced by a significant other/spouse? My first marriage ended in so much confusion, that I'm not really sure who decided it was over. Yep, I was married before...didn't know that, did ya?!?!
  3. You were denied a promotion? I don't usually work for companies big enough to try for a promotion
  4. You didn't get the job you applied for? I didn't get two jobs that I applied for after I moved here, didn't even get an interview. Later, my aunt-in-law was told that it was because I was over qualified.
  5. A friend canceled a lunch date (or other meeting) on you? Only when my best-friend in Ohio would have to cancel lunch if one of her children became ill.
  6. Someone took credit for something YOU did? All the time (my husband is really bad for that!)
  7. An appliance (or something in your home) broke? Does the adapter for my laptop count? By the way, for anyone who is wondering, the new one DID come in the mail today!!! Wooohoooo - I've got my little family of Firefox tabs back ;-)
  8. You were denied something credit-related? (loan, credit card, a rental, etc.) We haven't applied for anything for quite a while.



Oh my god.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fried clam strips and they are so hard to find!

I'm pretty sure you dumped him.

Don't even get me started on husbands today.

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