Sunday, September 9, 2007

Two Ribbons

I just wanted to give you an update, and then I'll stop talking about my photos ;-)
We went to the fair yesterday to pick up the photos and watch the tractor and truck pulls. I found out that I also took third place in the Special Theme Competition. They have a special theme category with the subject being different every year. This year, it happened to be barns, so I put the barn and windmill in the sunset photo in that category. It won third place. My mother-in-law didn't see that ribbon, because my matting is white and the ribbon is white (either that, or she's blind, like I teased her).

At the tractor/truck pulls, they had the portable bleachers sitting directly in the sun. We had brought lawn chairs, but didn't bring them into the fair, because my brother-in-law assured us that there were bleachers. He was right, there were bleachers... now my husband and I both have sunburned faces. My husband's is bad... his face is even swollen up around his nose and his eyes. Why does it not surprise me that something like a sunburn would affect my husband in this way? Probably because I have been through many illnesses with him that are those illnesses that only one in a million people get. Seriously! If it's rare, my husband gets it. If it's common, well then my husband gets it worse than anyone else has ever had it! Poor hubby. And to think that I used to worry that my having Fibro would cause problems in our marriage!

Now... I'll quit talking about photos all the time... back to our regularly scheduled blogging...



Congrats again!!! Sorry about the sunburns.. ouch!

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Wow! Two ribbons? What a wonderful accomplishment. You must be very proud of yourself.

Way to go!

So sorry about the sunburns. I've been very lucky this year. Somehow I got through the entire summer sunburn free. That's quite amazing.

Lawn Mower Queen

Yay Misty! Congratulations again. As for the hubby's sunburn, eh, it's good for him. Although he is kind of medically high maintenance.

LMK is sunburnt, too. He forgot to wear sunscreen at soccer camp. Uh, duh.

Feel better!


Congrats, that is awesome news!!! You should talk about your ribbons/photos. That's quite an honor.

I hope the sunburns are all better!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

TWO ribbons!! Woo hoooo!

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