Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vehicle Tracking - Smorty Post

Well, as most of you know, my step-son did not move with us. He remained with his mother to finish out his senior year in school. When we talked to him last night, he still has not finished the driving part of his drivers training. Therefore, he only has his permit and not his license yet. We are assuming that he is not getting his license because he was told that when he has a license, he needs to get a job. This kid is allergic to work and responsibility. It is good for us though, in a way, because the longer is takes for him to get his license, that's the longer it will be until we have to shell out money that we promised towards a vehicle.

For many reasons in addition to the ones listed above, especially the fact that we will be shelling out a lot of money towards a vehicle, I think we should definitely be entitled to know where he is during all times that he is driving the vehicle that we helped pay for. Some people would say it takes away privacy, but I figure that given the above circumstances a vehicle tracking device would be fair and justified.


Nikki Neurotic

My siblings have to have $1,000 towards insurance before they can drive. They have their permits now.

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