Friday, September 21, 2007

Warning-Post Full of Rants, Complaints, & Whining

I knew I missed the animals more than I realized! Why? Because usually, I can deal with the animals better than I can deal with people!

I'm ready to explode!

As you all know, I am trying desperately to prove that I can succeed at working from home. Well, I have no interest, and I start to get depressed and feel rather scared.

Now, that I have several things lined up that I can do from home to earn money - well, I can't freaking get any of it done! Why? Because I'm doing running for things other than work.

But, this working at home thing isn't really working out for Misty, because she isn't earning enough - HOW CAN I???

In the midst of all of this, my laptop starts acting funny. It would stop charging and then the cord to the adapter would get really hot! I finally figured out that the cord had been bent (I bought the laptop used). It had been bent to the point that the wires were sticking out... not good. I was able to twist and turn it enough to get it to charge the laptop for a couple days. Meanwhile I ordered a new adapter... hoping that it would get here before the other one died for good. Nope, the existing adapter died yesterday... won't even put electric to the laptop, let alone charge it. Of course, the one I ordered isn't here yet... so, I'm sitting here with a laptop that has a completely dead battery.

I'm doing everything on the desktop, which I hardly ever use. So, of course, it's not set up the way I want my computer. I've had to re-find all of the links that I open each day, because they were bookmarked on my laptop, but not on this computer. Let me tell ya - I have now realized how much I have come to LOVE Firefox! Oh, I miss my Firefox friend and it's little family of tabs!

On a better note, I've had LOTS of people notice my Italian Charm key chain, and lots of them want to purchase some as gifts. One lady asked me to bring some business cards to her little convenience store, so she could display them. Well, I took the cards there today, and there was a different girl working. I set my keys on the counter to reach in my pocket to get the business cards, so I could explain that I was told I could display them there. Immediately, she said "Oh MY GOSH. That key chain is SO cool! Where did you find that? Please tell me where you got it, cuz I want one!" I waited for her to stop rambling and explained that's what the business cards were for LOL But, of course, I can't even be too excited about the possibility of some customers, because, as I've heard over and over the past few days/weeks... "It's not guaranteed monthly income, so it's not worth getting excited about"

Oh my, I'm awfully whiny today, aren't I? I better stop now, or y'all will avoid my blog like the plague! I just needed to rant for a while. I'm better now, thanks.



Nothing wrong with some ranting now and then. It must be very frustrating for you.

What if you called THEM every ten minutes at work until they caught on. You are working at home, not just playing on the computer.

Set aside a time period and let people know you cannot be bothered then.

Mom Knows Everything

I rant all the time, but my husband has learned the "selective hearing". Good for you about the key chains. Do you have a picture of them on your blog. I would like to see what they look like. As for phone calls while I'm working, I turn the ringer off. If it's important they'll call back or leave a message and I'll deal with it when I'm done.

I added you too. :o)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Everyone needs a good rant every now and then! I think you're doing GREAT! Keep up the good work, girl!


I agree with Bubba's Sis, everyone needs to get a good rant going every so often. Purges your mind & soul! I'm sorry your family isn't being supportive. You are realizing your dreams and doing a great job! You rock! Try not to let them get you down.

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