Monday, October 8, 2007

The Daily Cleveland Indians Update

If you are sick of hearing me talk about them, then you can just pass by this post. You see, I put it very clearly in the title what the post is about so you can't accuse me of trying to trick you into reading about Tribe baseball ;-)

Well, last night, we went to New York. We didn't smack them around on their own turf like we did on our turf. I'm convinced that it is because my guys know I'm watching. You see, they know that I have been going through withdrawals since the move. So, they are going to give the Yankees a game, because that means one extra game that their very special, loyal, Misty Dawn gets to watch! Makes sense, right?

Or then again, maybe it's because they really are trying to give me a heart attack, like I insisted after the second game of the series. Either way, last night's game sure looked different than the first two games of the series. Maybe they feel bad for poor Joe Torre, who was told before yesterday's game that if the Yankees didn't win this series, then Joe loses his job as manager. G, nothing like a little bit of pressure, eh?

Husband just went with his aunt to K-town. K-town is the home of the only Burger King around here! So, I made sure he had a few dollars in his pocket, just in case he wanted to be a nice husband and think of his wife. Ahhh, a Whopper AND the Indians - Life is good.


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