Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Embarrassing Moment

My blogging buddy Gigi has inspired me to post my most embarrassing moment. I mean, after all, she posted hers, and so I thought mine couldn't possibly be that bad I would post mine to show her my support ;-)

We took my step-daughter to Nashville for her high school graduation gift. She is a huge country music fan, and her favorite person in the world is Dolly Parton. So, when she was given a choice to either receive money or the trip for her present, she hesitated about two seconds before she replied "When do we leave?".

We had a blast. My step-daughter and I are extremely close. Close enough that we tell each other everything, and we picked out each other's Hooters shirts (hehe that's another story).

MY highlight of the trip was that we were going to see Martina McBride (my ultimate favorite - LOVE her bunches of muches!) perform at the Grand Ole Opry. Well, the day of the performance came, and we arrived early so we could go through the museum and other places before the show. The three of us were each interested in spending more time looking at different things, so we kind of wandered off from each other.

I'm wandering along the glass cased wall, and I walk up behind and put my head on my husband's shoulder. THEN, I about died, when he turned and looked at me and it wasn't my husband!!! At that point, I literally froze... Here I am standing, frozen by embarrassment, with my chin resting so lovingly on some strange man, whom I have never met before in my life! The museum was completely quiet... up until that point. My step-daughter filled the silent rooms with her laughter. You see, she watched it happen! Why didn't my precious step-daughter stop me, you ask? Oh, well, in her words "I didn't think you were actually going to do it, you moron. Besides that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life!" Yeah, thanks Sweetie!

My brand new adopted-husband was just as embarrassed as I, because he thought I was his wife coming up behind him and he was going to turn and lay a big ol' kiss on my lips! Luckily, he was able to stop himself!

We both turned bright red, my step-daughter is on the floor gasping for air and snorting like a pig, and my husband and the guy's wife have now turned around and are both looking at us trying to figure out what the heck is going on, because neither one of them saw it happen.

I quickly explained that he had the same exact color of shirt on, same type of haircut, was about the same exact height as my husband, and they both stood with the same da*n posture while they were looking at whatever was behind the glass wall. I kept repeating these things over and over and turning to my step-daughter to confirm, but she was still gasping for air, while she continued to wipe the tears from her eyes from laughing so hard. Yes, I said we were close... but I didn't say she wasn't a major brat!

There ya go... that's my embarrassing moment post, inspired by Gigi


Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle


ROFLMAO and choking in the process!

That is the best story ever!!!!!

I've never even met you and I can TOTALLY see you stammering out your side of the story! I'd been with your step-daughter, snorting on the floor in hysterics!

Beautifully written.....

Mom Knows Everything

LOL...I'm sorry, but that was hilarious!!! I have never done anything like that to a stranger, but I did grab my husbands twin brothers butt once thinking he was my hubby. Hey, they are twin and some how they both own the exact same clothes. I'm a lot more careful when they are together now. LOL


Mist I picture the scene so vividly even I am embarrassed! I'm with Gigi---(she told me she peed her pants at your post)! I can just see you two lock eyes and freeze for just that moment--then what can one POSSIBLY say?

I think, however, I will keep you away from my Johnny Bonny for now ;0 xoxo


Hee!! Too funny! I once felt up another woman in Wal-Mart because I thought she was my hubby coming up behind me. Talk about embarrassing!!!!


that is so completely funny. That's totally an "I meant to do that moment" Did you get the guys number?LOL You made my day. You may have inspired me to do my embarrasing moment too but it was a teen moment involving white pants and, well....

Great story!


:) tee hee giggle

Dallas Meow


Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Too funny!! Love it!

The Owners

OMG, I can just see it now. I'd be so embarrassed too. I've done something similar, but not as bad. I was talking to a guy next to me, whom I thought was Dan, and when I wasn't getting a response I whacked his arm and then looked up at the same time. That was really bad too. He laughed about it, but still....

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