Tuesday, October 23, 2007

From The Comfort Of Home

When we decided to move, my father-in-law was worried about me. He was afraid we would move, and I would absolutely hate it here. He kept reminding me there are no stores nearby, and we are pretty much in the middle of nothing.

My husband continued to say, "You really have no idea how much of a homebody Misty is."

For example, I prefer to rent a movie and stay home, rather than going to the theater. Also, I've said for a long time that eventually I want us to get our own pool table, so we don't have to go somewhere else to shoot pool.

My husband insists part of the fun is the experience of going out. I always insist that I can enjoy the things I like to do even more if I can do them from the comfort of my own home. Sure, I enjoy going out every now and then. But, generally, I just want to be at home. So, he tells me people are going to start accusing me of being housebound.

One way it causes conflict is he wants to travel, and I want to stay home. He keeps talking about going back to Las Vegas, and I keep suggesting an online casino. I tell him they're more convenient and affordable. If he visited Pro360.com, he could easily find the best places to play everything from poker to roulette to keno. Then, he could come into the living room, where I'll be playing slots, bingo, or backgammon. Sounds like fun to me! Since they do online casino reviews, we're sure to pick the right one.

I try to explain to my husband that he should see the good side of my being such a homebody. He really doesn't mind, but he still jokes that I am going to become completely housebound. The internet and technology now are really becoming enablers, because, if there is a way to stay home to do something, I usually choose that option. I'm still trying to figure out how to stop going to the grocery store! Whenever he starts teasing, I explain I'm not afraid of leaving the house, I just prefer to stay home. There's nothing wrong with that! Is there?


Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

I loved this post, because it sounds like my mum. She's such a homebody that we call her a Hobbit. And she likes it!


No, there's nothing wrong with that at all. I'd rather stay home, too. Going out is just - more trouble than it's worth.

Mostly I don't even have to go to the grocery store more than every two or three weeks.

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