Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Homebody's Website Ideas

I've realized my last few posts can be put together in a cause and effect relationship. See, the most embarrassing moment posted yesterday may possibly have traumatized me so much I now have a fear of making a fool of myself in public. Maybe subconsciously, that is why I became such a homebody, as described in another post. The Indians making such a fool out of me might also cause me to hide from social events. I mean, after the way I bragged and told everyone they were going to win, I'd be the laughing stock now. I'll just stay at home with my computer and my online friends, who only know the dumb things I do when I'm stupid enough to tell you about them.

I've got blogging to do and photo charms to make anyway. It is approaching the busy time for charm items, because people want to get their orders completed in time for Christmas. My website was scheduled to expire this month, and I was going to give it up, but I changed my mind and renewed the domain name, hosting package, and shopping cart software. I want to keep the site and add more things to it, in addition to the charms. I would also like to add separate pages focused on my photography.

Also, I'm wondering if I have enough hosting and bandwidth available to start a second blog on there. I'm not sure how all that works, or if it would interfere with the ecommerce software that is in place for the charm orders. If it would interfere, then I don't want to mess with it, because I love my website. One of my best friends did an amazing job creating it, with the charm .gifs that scroll through several photos and the cute little shopping cart button to make ordering convenient. However, I'll have to do more checking, because it would make sense to buy another domain name and use the hosting package I'm already paying for. Second blog, here I come.


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