Friday, October 12, 2007

I Am SO Spoiled!

I was inside working, and I heard someone in our driveway beeping their horn. I looked out and saw that it was our mailman. He wouldn't get out of his truck, because of Tag. See, I'm not kidding when I tell you that people know about that dog. So, I went running out there, wondering what the heck he had that couldn't be put in my mailbox.

LOOKEE LOOKEE what my aunt sent me!!!
Is that not the coolest thing evahhhhh??? Yes, there are two of the same shirt... I'm assuming that her intention was 'one for me and one for my husband'... blah blah blah. Nah, I'm thinking 'one for me to wear around town and one for a nightgown' :-) Right, that sounds better!

You can bet that I'll be wearing one of my new shirts tonight while I watch the game! Course, you probably already figured that out!

On another note THANKS for the anti-rain dances. Let's just hope that you guys have the right moves, cuz Mr. Wall-Man came and placed the footers yesterday evening, and he came back this morning and poured the cement for the footers. Now, that needs to dry (I guess) before he can continue and build us some d*&n walls! They are still forecasting rain for tomorrow - They'll have to change the forecast after all the vibes from all of your anti-rain dances take effect and move those storm clouds outta here! ;-)



How fun! Enjoy the game tonight! My husband's hoping for a Red Sox/Rockies matchup...but I'll secretly pull for your Indians to make it to the World Series.


I don't do sports, but yay you! Gifts are great. :)


How lucky you are!! Wow, how thoughtful.

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